Ghostbusters International: A History

A History

Compiled by Dr. Fritz V.Baugh, GBWC (Creator of the original Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline)

With the advise and consent of the following GBI Members:

Iain Bennett, GBUK
Ben King Sr, GBUK
Ben King Jr. GBUK
Roger Johnson, GBUKGS
Dr. Jeff Nash, GBWC/GBNS
Dr. Vincent Belmont, GBAD
Bo Holbrook, GBNS
Jen Spengler, GBNS

Rich Roy, DGO
Adam C. Bestler, GBInd
Senator Ron Daniels (R-GA)
Salina Duran, GBDP
Kevin Kemarly, OGB
Dr. CJ London, GBDP
Rachel Leavenworth, GBWC Spirit Liason
Bill Malkin, GBNJ
Mick Nielson, GBSC
Dr. Kyle Peterson, WNCGB
Rose Prevost, GBWC Client Administrator
Dr. Steve Reeves, GBVA:RD
Cliff Roswell, GBInd/GBUK
Graham Short, SCGB
Janine Melnitz Spengler, GBNY Client Administrator
Oliver White, GBOX

And from the original Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline:
Rosey Collins
Dr. Matthew Riddle
Dr. Brian Reilly, ECTO Canada
Rev. Vincent Crapello, GBNOMAD
Chris Buchner, NYPD
"Doctor Spectrum"
"Princess Artemis"

The Eras

Before the Founding

Prehistory-1982; Events before the founding of Ghostbusters Inc. and GBI.

(Corresponds to the same era in the original Timeline)

Rises and Falls

Years One-Fourteen, 1983-1996; Ghostbusters was off to a rolling start, but things weren't always easy.

(Corresponds to Eras 1 and 2 of the original Timeline)

Ghostbusters Triumphant

Year Fifteen, 1997-2020; With the return of Ghostbusters New York in 1997, GBI began it's most prosperous (and profitable) era of all. Franchises all over the place! Take a look here!

(Expands Era 3 of the Original Timeline)

2021 And Beyond

2021-On; A new generation of Ghostbusters takes charge. Due to the occassional presence of time travellers in Ghostbusters cases, we have a few furtive glimpses of what the future might bring...

(Expands Era 3 of the Original Timeline)

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Canon Notes
After most events will be a citation in [brackets]; this details which canon the event came from and/or affects. Some may have more than one citation, detailing a "mixed" event or one important to more than one franchise. These are what those shorthands mean:
HA: Denotes an item of "real" Historical Account
Official Columbia/Sony Sources

GB1: Ghostbusters (1984)

GB2: Ghostbusters 2 (1989)

RGB: The Real Ghostbusters (1986-1991)

XGB: Extreme Ghostbusters (1997)

GBI: The Ghostbusters International role playing games published by West End Games (1986-1991?)

Now: The Real Ghostbusters comics published by Now (1988-1993)

88MPH: Ghostbusters comics by 88MPH Studios (2004-2005)

iB: Novel published by iBooks (2004)

IDW: Ghostbusters comics published by IDW (2008-2020)

GBVG: Ghostbusters video games published by Atari (2009-2011)

GB16 or GBATC: Ghostbusters: Answer The Call (2016). (Mostly some background elements--the actual story is incompatible with 8932 continuity)

GBA: Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021). (Mostly some background elements--the actual story is incompatible with 8932 continuity)

Fan Sources

GBOT: Fan Fictions of the original and Extreme Ghostbusters following the Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline

GBNS: Ghostbusters Nightsquad

GBAD: Ghostbusters Arcane Division

GBUK: Ghostbusters UK; GBUK Graveyard Shift

GBWC: Ghostbusters West Coast

GBTN: Ghostbusters Tennessee/East Tennessee Ghostbusters/Middle Tennessee Ghostbusters

GBNJ: Ghostbusters New Jersey/JerZee Ghostbusters

OGB: Onarga Ghostbusters

GBDP: Ghostbusters Doom Patrol

GBInd: Ghostbusters Independant; unaffiliated agents and Freelance operatives

NOMAD: Ghostbusters NOMAD

GBSC: Ghostbusters South Coast/Ghostbusters Tampa Division

WNCGB: Western North Carolina Ghostbusters

GBVA: Ghostbusters Virginia

GBOX: Ghostbusters: Oxfordshire

GBAU: Sidney City Ghostbusters

Non-Ghostbuster Canons Cited
(Not all elements of these continuities are canon in GBOT)

AM: Ars Magica role playing games published by Lion Rampant, White Wolf, Wizards of the Coast, and Atlas Games (1987-2016)

CV: Castlevania video games by Konami

FGB: Ghost Busters (1975) and Ghostbusters (1986) by Filmation

MK: Mortal Kombat video games by Midway

MCG: The Mysterious Cities of Gold (1982) by Studio Pierrot and DiC Audiovisual

RE: Resident Evil video games by Capcom

WD1: World of Darkness (Version 1) role playing games by White Wolf (1991-2004)

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