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1997 [7 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 15
(Extreme Ghostbusters)
The disease spirit Achira is awakened by city workers digging a new subway tunnel. Egon Spengler attempst to stop the creature alone, but fails; Egon's latest class of students--Eduardo Rivera, Kylie Griffin, Roland Jackson, and Garrett Miller--become the new team of Ghostbusters, sometimes nicknamed the "Extreme" Ghostbusters. Janine, having finalized her divorce from Louis Tully, returns to work for GBInc. [EGB, GBOT]

The Proton Pack Mark 2, the Proton Pack Mark 3 (the "Proton Pistol"), the Ghost Trap Mark 2, and the PKE Meter Model 2.1 enter service; the packs especially are radically different from their predecessors, utilizing a "plasma core" system. In the long run, the system proves inferior to the original--the cores run through energy at an excessive rate, and lack the durability of the Mark 1's five thousand year half-life. [XGB,GBOT]

Encounter with the Sphinx. [EGB]

A Jewish mystic summons up a golem to deal with some neo-Nazi lowlifes, including Garrett's old friend Spencer Daniels. [EGB]

While investigating some strange USOnline malfunctions, FBI agents Jack Stone and Harry Gannan arrest the Ghostbusters. They're freed after the agents see firsthand the Gremlin actually causing the problems [EGB].

The Ghostbusters stop the fear entity haunting the Swank Building [EGB]

Encounter with the Vathek, who have kidnapped writer JN Kline. [EGB]

February 7. The Extreme Ghostbusters meet Micheal Wu and Jodi Chen on the Guh-Mo case. [EGB]

Encounters with the Pied Piper and the Mistress [EGB]

Eduardo Rivera briefly becomes a slave of the Nordic god Kahlil [EGB]

March 17. The Leprechaun is taking revenge on the descendants of the Irishmen who bound it--and Edwin McShane, Mayor of New York, is on the list [EGB]

The Ghostbusters encounter the Jersey Devil during March Madness. [EGB]

Edward Kirillian attempts to open a dimensional gate with the Toltec skulls; he fails, and is dragged into another dimension to face eternal torment. [XGB]

April 12. Professor Phillip Leonard is possessed by a supernatural entity; it attacks one of Leonard's students, Marie D'Angelo, but her latent psychic powers are enough to repel him. Fellow student Jeff Nash witnesses the attack. [GBWC]

A gang of vampire clowns briefly embrace Eduardo. [EGB]

Hide Tanaka, at the age of 17, graduates High School and enters Stanford University. [GBDP]

Fritz Baugh, now armed with a PhD in Quantum Physics as well a degree in Historical Anthropology, becomes a staff researcher for Purdue University [GBWC]

New Jersey's Rich Roy, a fan of the defunct Ghostbusters, forms the JerZey Ghostbusters (JZGB) [GBNJ]

The Shadow Chaser team Mick Nielson is a member of deals with the outbreak of a "zombie virus", and has their first encounter with Valek. Mick is promoted to team leader. [GBSC]

Tim Bondo leaves the United States Air Force after ten years of service. [GBDP]

A rash of missing eyes leads to Tinnebraug, guardian of the Orb of Moldova, who is compelled to suck the eyes out of everyone who looks at the "sacred stone". Meanwhile, some thugs steal Eduardo and Kylie's proton packs and go on a crime spree. [EGB]

Egon frees Janine from becoming the new bride of Cojilla. They finally begin picking up their relationship where it left off in 1991. [EGB/GBOT]

The embittered, Ahab-esque Markab tries to catch his ancient foe, the great beast Lotan [EGB]

Encounters with Campucho and Duophines. [EGB]

June 21. The Ghostbusters shut down "Le Maison" [EGB]

Encounter with the Glostic Sisters; Roland becomes briefly infatuated with Syren. [EGB]

The demon Surt, who was captured by the original Ghostbusters in 1984, attempts to use Slimer to escape the Containment Unit. [EGB]

July 30. Kylie briefly ends up in a time rift to the year 2037, and prevents Tempus from changing history. [EGB]

Roland's bratty younger brother Casey falls into the sway of the Grundle, which confuses the rest of the Ghostbusters, as the Grundle had been contained by the original Ghostbusters in 1985. Kylie releases the original Grundle to get answers, and discovers that the new Grundle was her childhood friend Jack Ryan, put into suspended animation by the old Grundle twelve years earlier. Both Grundles are defeated, and Jack's transformation is reversed. [EGB]

Encounter with the Wishgiver. [EGB]

September 1. Tsukiko Marie Lupin, the daughter of Barney Lupin and Mariko Fuyuno, is born. Marie Lupin's mother is Japanese, with two siblings: older brother Yuzuru Fuyuno, a baseball player; and younger sister Yuki Fuyuno, who, like her sister, marries an American [GBOT]

Famous oceanographer Francois Rousseau steals a dangerous water spirit from the Ghostbusters, intending to study it--before it, of course, gets out of his control. [EGB]

Enounters with Morpheus and the Mole People. Persephonetheus falls in love with Garrett. [EGB]

The Ghostbusters disrupt a cult trying to summon the demon Cernunos; Eduardo dates one of the cultists, Bess Napier, for a brief time. Shortly after Eduardo ends the relationship, Bess discovers she's pregnant with Eduardo's child, and aborts it.[XGB/GBOT]

A group of trolls try to take over the Brooklyn Bridge. Eduardo's brother Carl finds out about Eduardo's job, and he's not happy. [EGB].

The Ghostbusters are summoned to the town of New Oslo to deal with the Hraesvelgr causing a massive heat wave. [EGB]

Encounters with Shambahoc and the Ghostmakers.

Janine takes a vacation with her sister Doris. She secretly visits the other original Ghostbusters and sets up a plan to have them in New York on November 21st. [EGB, GBOT]

Edwin McShane is elected to a second term as Mayor of New York City [XGB,GBOT]

The Ghostbusters deal with Ravana the Rakshasa. [EGB]

The original Ghostbusters reunite on November 21, at Egon's 40th birthday party. Ray and Winston soon return to full-time duty with GBInc (now also known officially as Ghostbusters New York, or GBNY), and Venkman splits his time between them and LA. GBI is reactivated, and Nightsquad--comprised of Bo Holbrook, Egon's niece Jen, Ian "Shades" MacPherson, and "Ecto" Ernie Slaughter--becomes the first new official franchise. [EGB,GBOT,GBNS]

Egon Spengler and Janine Melnitz become engaged to marry. [GBOT]

Vincent Belmont and Gabriel Angelo Martin are hired by GBInc. [GBOT, GBAD]

Christmas Eve: Egon Spengler is badly injured in an incident related to the rise of the "Parasite Eve" entity; Dr. Belmont is instrumental in defeating it. [GBOT]

Christmas. Death of Andrew Wallance, the father of Andre, and grandfather of Oscar, Hayden, and Lars Wallance. His daughter-in-law Kate is pregnant at the time of his death. [GBOT]

1998 [8 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 16
Louis Tully is rehired by GBI, and becomes Chief Financial Officer. He quickly establishes contact with existing GBI franchises. He also contacts unofficial operations such as JZGB and MDGB, giving them the choice of either becoming full franchises of GBI or facing lawsuits for copyright infringement. Both eagerly accept full certification. [GBOT,GBNJ,GBInd]

January. Emilia Charlotte "Emi" Wallance, the third child of Andre and Kate Wallance, is born. She is a half-sister to Oscar Wallance, the stepson of former Ghostbuster Peter Venkman [GBOT]

Feb. 14. Birth of Tessa Jane Anderson in England. Her father is Martin Anderson, a Labour Party solicitor, and her mother is the former Lisa Jane Cadonfloyd, a botanist. Tessa Jane (usually referred to by her family as "Janey") is the great granddaughter of Peter Cadonfloyd, the Fifth Earl of Lungbarrow. [GBOT]

March. The Ghostbusters deal with two incidents stemming from the "gloom gems" of the Ibandi mythos figure Anthal-Noje, the Lord of Gloom. In the second incident, two members of Dragonsfall--Coda Monkeyfang and Terchi Bagwise--end up on Earth for a brief time. [GBOT]

March 21. After the Equinox Festival, Coda and Terchi become lovers [GBOT]

Ron Daniels attains his PhD in History from UGA. That same year, he founds the Georgia Ghostbusters (GGB) [NOMAD]

Marriage of Micheal Wu and Jodi Chen. The four Extreme Ghostbusters tend. [GBOT]

June 14. Marriage of Professor Egon Spengler and Janine Melnitz. Kylie Griffin and Eduardo Rivera become an official "item" [GBOT]

While the Spenglers were on their honeymoon, the other Ghostbusters encounter the spirts of Eduardo Rivera's Sixteenth Century ancestors, Gaspar and Itzel ("Lucia"). [GBOT]

A laboratory accident leads to Dr. Fritz Baugh's firing by Purdue. No other institution will hire him. The closest he comes is an interview at Newark Community College; he is not hired and, out of money, settles in Newark for a time. He ends up working at a sleazy dive called the White Diamond, and in contact with his dead friend Nick's younger brother, the troubled Leon Hogan. [GBWC]

August. Winston, Vincent, and Gabriel end up in the middle of a zombie invasion in Raccoon City. Vincent is reunited with high school sweetheart Jill Valentine [GBAD]

August. Anatole Vashnivski, now a vampire of the Tzimisce Clan, resurfaces in Prague. He becomes an acquaintance of Bertrand Lombard, an elder vampire of the Tremere Clan and longtime enemy of Baron Igor Vashnivski. [GBOT]

Stanford student CJ London meets Hide Tanaka. They strike up an unusual friendship. [GBDP]

Cliff Roswell attends Miskatonic University; he leaves in 2001 without attaining a degree, but extensively studies psychology, particularly dreams and dream interpretation. [GBInd]

Brief career of "Tara J"--Roland's younger sister Tara Jackson [GBOT]

October 28. Janine Spengler announces her pregnancy. [GBOT]

1999 [9 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 17
Matthew "Zagnut" Marshall, who had rapped backup on the 2Crew Run DOA Humpers 1998 release Fuck The Spice Girls releases his first solo disc, The Real Wigga; MC Wink serves as producer on the disc. It's a smash hit, even though it draws criticism for it's lurid violence and misogyny aimed at Marshall's own wife.[GBOT/GBWC]

Ghostbusters Central undergoes some remodeling, renovations, and updates to it's electronic systems. Ray is the primary instigator and overseer of the renovations [GBOT]

June 13. Birth of Johnathan Christopher and Eden Marie Spengler to Egon and Janine. The newborns are kidnapped by Josiah Nodus, who takes them to his Null Zone, raises them to maturity, and uses them in a scheme to restructure the universe to his will. The Ghostbusters are reunited and brought to the Null Zone by the efforts of Romulus and Pollux--John and Eden Spengler from the year 2024--and the Chronomancers, Lady Delphia and "Professor Ulforce". Nodus is defeated, and the proper flow of time is restored. [GBOT]

Andre, Hayden, and Lars Wallance visit the Venkmans in LA. Lars is traumatized by Jessica; Hayden seems oddly intrigued and aroused. [GBOT]

Nightsquad defeats the Blair Witch in Burkittsville, Maryland. [GBNS]

Birth of Dennis Wu, the first of two children of Micheal and Jodi Wu--he would also later have a younger sister. Dennis would grow up to join the NYPD. [GBOT]

Leon Hogan attends Newark Community College. He leaves after a year and a half. [GBWC]

Vincent and Julius Belmont (with the help of Alucard, who claims to be the "son of Dracula") give "final rest" to Count Vlad Tepes Dracula forever, dispersing his essence into oblivion. [GBAD]

The father of marital artist Sarah Jones purchases Tonnes Quarry. [GBOT]

December. Natalie Daniels is born, the daughter of Spencer Daniels (a former childhood friend of Ghostbusters Garrett Miller) and Grace Temple. [GBOT]

2000 [10 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 18
Vincent Belmont and Gabriel Martin, along with Harry Seward and Jill Valentine, form the Ghostbusters Arcane Division franchise in New York. Venkman gives them the original ECTO-1 to be their vehicle. [GBAD]

Kylie Griffin, Roland Jackson, Garrett Miller, and Eduardo Rivera graduate from New York City Community College. [GBOT]

Bo Holbrook and Jen Spengler officially become an "item"; Vincent Belmont aids Nightsquad in foiling another zombie outbreak similar to that in Raccoon City in 1998. [GBNS]

The Wallances again visit LA; Jessica beats up Hayden when he tries to "steal" some of Oscar's old clothes from her. [GBOT]

Oscar Wallance, going through a Goth phase, adopts the nickname "Darkvayne"; his childhood friend Rachel Klien starts calling herself "Rayven" at about the same time. [GBWC, GBOT]

Peter Kong is hired by Jim Davis to be an assistant cartoonist of the Garfield comic strip. [GBWC]

Zagnut releases his second disc, The Matthew Marshall LP. It's another smash hit. [GBOT/GBWC]

Fritz Baugh moves back to Indianapolis, and is employed by a local K-mart. He meets Bernice Roderick and develops a one-sided affection for her. [GBWC]

Birth of Mykel Wainwright, the second daughter of John and Orla Wainwright; her parents divorce before 2006. [GBDP]

Leon Hogan moves to Garwood, New Jersey, and works at the Crossroads for seven months before punching the bartender (Leon had been accused of drinking on the job) After that, he becomes something of a nomadic drifter. [GBWC]

Garret Menenzes retires from hotel management and passes the Columbia House Hotel on to his oldest two children, Charles and Sarah. They grudgingly allow "Rachel", Garret's lifelong companion, to stay there. Strange occurrences soon follow, which Rachel finds herself taking the blame for. To clear her name and avoid eviction, Rachel discovers the mischief is the work of a band of Dust Monsters, Old Western spirits who died in the 1878 Columbia Fire and took on corporeal forms made of clay dust.. She attempts to rid the hotel of them, but her solution is only temporary and they return in a month. [GBWC]

Eighteen year old Mike Devicente receives a PHD from Peter Venkman's mail-order paranormal science and technology course. He attempts to established himself as a paranormal authority in El Paso, but is informed that his degree is not recognized in the state of Texas. [GBWC]

August 16. Birth of Jacob Alexander Anderson, the second child of Martin and Lisa Jane Anderson, in London. He is the great-grandson of Peter Cadonfloyd, the Fifth Earl of Lungbarrow, and has an older sister, Janey (Tessa Jane). [GBOT]

2001 [11 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 19
Oscar Wallance is manipulated into nearly killing his stepfather by a temptor demon. Birth of Conchita Rivera on May 21 to Eduardo Rivera and Kylie Griffin [GBOT]

CJ London and Hide Tanaka graduate from Stanford, and join a non-GBI paranormal investigations group, the Florida Department of Paranormal and Extranormal Activities. Other group members would include Zak Kong, Joey Hightower, and Rachel Gleason (who becomes the object of CJ's affections). [GBDP]

Dr. Ron Daniels awarded a bachelor's degree in Geology from Georgia Southwestern State University. [NOMAD]

Shortly after acquiring her Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Administration, Chelsea Aberdeen is hired by the same K-Mart that employs Dr. Fritz Baugh. The two become close friends, and in Chelsea's case by 2003 has fallen for her colleague. Fritz, still enamored of Bernice Roderick, apparently doesn't notice. [GBWC]

Dana and Oscar visit London and meet Emilia; the whole Wallance clan visits LA in the summer [GBOT]

Mick Nielson's Shadow Chaser team has their climactic confrontation with Valek; believing the vampire lord destroyed, Nielson resigns from the Shadow Chasers soon after. [GBSC]

Egon Spengler is in the World Trade Center during the September 11 attacks. He survives. [GBOT]

Edwin McShane is elected to a third term as Mayor of New York City [GBOT]

December 18. Windy Bagwise is born.[GBOT]

2002 [12 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 20
January. Tri-State Paranormal Society is founded by Cliff Roswell and Zac "Yeti" Crago. [GBNS/GBInd]

Peter Kong becomes an animator on the "Dance of the Skeletons" movie, produced by Disney. Jon Dennison, a friend of Peter Venkman, is the director of the project. [GBWC]

May. The Jersey Devil Paranormal Society is recruited into GBI by Rich Roy, the CEO of JZGB. They become Ghostbusters New Jersey (GBNJ) [GBNJ]

Venkman and his family relocate to New York City. Oscar is not pleased about this, and spends a year in a fairly rebellious state, where he dies his hair blue. [GBOT, GBWC]

Venkman enters secret negotiations with Sebastien Clavet of Canada's 88MPH Studios about the prospect of doing a new Ghostbusters comic book. [GBOT,HA]

Tired of fighting a losing battle, the Menenzes family purchases the Aladdin Motor Inn on the other side of Tuolumne County and leaves the haunted Columbia House Hotel to be dismantled. [GBWC]

Oscar Wallance meets three fellow aspiring musicians: Ella Stephens, Danny Hart, Tim Price. The three begin practicing together and form the band that is eventually dubbed "Mood Slime". Oscar serves as lead singer and guitarist, Stephens as bassist, Hart as lyricist and drummer, and Price as second guitar and roadie. [GBOT]

Andy Harnish, Josh Goban, and Johanthan "Bill" Rollow are attacked by the demon Ashram; they form the East Tennessee Ghostbusters (ETGB). Harnish's cousin Brandon joins soon after; Mindy Baxter is hired as their Client Administrator. [GBTN]

Jay Brushett (Ray Stantz's nephew by marriage) and others form the Canadian Ghostbusters [CGB/GBOT]

Zagnut releases his third hit CD, The Zagnut Show [GBOT/GBWC]

Mick Nielson, having resumed his academic studies, meets Kurt Summers and Mark and Damon Lucas. [GBSC]

When Venkman, Ray, Egon, and Winston go to London to save Tony Blair from the demon Kron'toph, they gain the unlikely help of the members of SPRIG: Dr. Tommy Simpson, Iain Bennett, and Ben King Senior. After successfully saving the Prime Minister, the threesome form an official GBI franchise, Ghostbusters UK [GBUK]

Martin Anderson, a Labour Party solicitor and father of future Ghostbuster TJ Anderson, is a witness of the demonic rampage [GBOT]

November. Former New York City Mayor Lenny Clotch (D) is elected Governor of the state of New York [GBOT/HA]

December 18. Birth of Nichole Alexandria Baugh. She is the daughter of auto mechanic Curt Baugh and niece of K-Mart employee Fritz Baugh [GBWC]

2003 [13 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 21
Dr. Ron Daniels is granted an honorary Doctorate in Parapsychology by the University of Georgia. [NOMAD]

To deal with a Russian experiment gone bad, the UN and GBI cooperate to form a team of specialists, christened Ghostbusters NOMAD: Dr. Ron Daniels, of the Georgia Ghostbusters, leads the team, which includes:
Tom Sanford, Werewolf Hunter
Chris Spade, Vampire Slayer
Dan Evans, Cryptozoologist
Sam Loomis, Priest
And GBUK's Iain Bennett, Demonologist [NOMAD]

February: Tim Mabes leaves GBNJ; Rob Wurm is hired as his replacement. [GBNJ]

Jeremy Hicks has an encounter with the local spirit "La Llarona", who delivers a strange prophesy to him: "Beware the snare of those who follow the neon banner of the rat...the ludicrous one and the dragon of victory, the healer and the binder of spectres...but guard yourself, for the ten will be sundered... remember my words." [GBWC]

March: GBNOMAD and GBUK are present at a major supernatural event that occurs during the invasion of Iraq by the United States [NOMAD,GBUK]

The Proton Pack Mark 4 (a return to the cyclotron concept of the Mark 1) and the PKE Meter Model 3.0 officially enter service. [GBWC/GBOT]

Dr. Fritz Baugh and Jeremy Hicks win tickets to the premiere of "Dance of the Skeletons", the new Disney animated movie directed by Jon Dennison, a friend of GBI CEO Peter Venkman. Fritz asks co-worker Chelsea Aberdeen to accompany him on the trip [GBWC]

April. Jon Dennison, the director of the animated movie "Dance of the Skeletons", is murdered by an entity calling itself "The Ravisher". Peter Venkman is present at the attack, and convinces several witnesses of the attack--Dr. Joey Williams, Dr. Kyle Stevens, Peter Kong, Dr. Jeff Nash, Jeremy Hicks, Dr. Fritz Baugh, and Chelsea Aberdeen--to form a new Ghostbusters West Coast team. Williams is named CEO; Aberdeen becomes Client Administrator; three recruits fill out the roster: Dr. Robert Griffiths, John Lipsyte, and Micheal Chad. ETGB's Andy Harnish is brought in to help train the team. The GBWC becomes the first franchise to recieve the Proton Pack Mark 4 and PKE Meter 3.0 as part of their start-up package. [GBWC,GBTN]

Sam Loomis and Iain Bennett resign from NOMAD [NOMAD]

Roger Kennedy is hired as GBUK's Client Administrator. [GBUK]

Chris Spade is possessed by a vampire entity, and leaves the group. Shortly after, the UN pulls out all funding, and NOMAD is disbanded [NOMAD]

May. The new GBWC team confronts the Ravisher in the Sanchez Diner, but it escapes. Dr. Ron Daniels is hired as a "Mobile Agent" [GBWC,NOMAD]

Kurt Summers returns to New Jersey. Max Turner is caught cheating on a test, and blames Nielson and the Lucas brothers for his embarrassment. [GBSC]

June. Dr. Nathaniel Masterson ("Otter") is hired by the GBWC. [GBWC]

June 8. GBI throws an anniversary party marking twenty years since the formation of Ghostbusters Inc. [GBOT]

Louis Tully goes on a leave of absence, and Rich Roy of JZGB becomes Director of Ghostbusting Operations of GBI [GBNJ]

Birth of Carrie Temple, first child of Luke and Nadia Temple, cousin of Natalie Daniels, and one-day niece of Ghostbuster Roland Jackson. [GBOT]

July. The Ghostbusters West Coast first meet the ninja "Sub Zero", master of the Lin Kuei arts of cold manipulation. [GBWC,GBNS]

August. GBUK associate Euan Sinclaire is killed following a hostage situation that went bad. Iain Bennett is chosen as the new bearer of Excalibur. The GBUK's ECU explodes, and the franchise is forced to shut down. Iain, Tommy, and Ben reactivate SPRIG. [GBUK]

September. A second team of "Anti-Ghostbusters", similar to the ones the original Ghostbusters encountered in 1983, is created. They succeed in capturing Egon, Janine, Venkman, and the Extreme Ghostbusters. The Ghostbusters of 2023 (keeping their true identities and connections to the present-day teams secret) aid Ray and Winston in foiling the "Anti-Ghostbusters" [GBOT]

September. With the help of Ray Stantz, GBWC members Fritz Baugh and Joey Williams uncover the truth about the 1988 murder of Fritz's friend Nick Hogan. Hogan's brother Leon also aids in the case. Shortly after, Joey returns to LA with the staff of GBNY while Fritz is ordered to stay in New York. Jeff Nash joins him. [GBWC, GBNS]

September. Nightsquad's HQ is damaged by a cult dedicated to Samhain, and in the process the Blair Witch is freed. The Extreme Ghostbusters (save Roland) are defeated and hospitalized--Roland, Vincent Belmont, and GBWC members Jeff Nash and Fritz Baugh are tapped to help Nightsquad deal with the Witch. The cult successfully revives their master, discorporated since Halloween 1990, and Samhain and the Blair Witch merge. Nightsquad defeats the Hain Witch, but Ian "Shades" McPherson and "Ecto" Ernie Slaughter are killed in the process. Jen Spengler begins a leave of absence. [GBNS,GBOT,GBAD, GBWC]

Jen Spengler returns to New York after a week. She and Bo relocate to an abandoned police station in Brooklyn. Goth mechanic Eric Rose is hired as temporary help; Ben King Jr. is hired as Client Administrator. On October 31st, Nightsquad officially reactivates. [GBNS]

GBUK's ally Detective Inspector Tony Giles is assigned to the newly-created Occult Crimes Unit. Detective Constable Rebbecca Gates is appointed his sole subordinate. [GBUK]

Vincent Belmont journeys to England, and aids the OCU and SPRIG in investigating a series of murdered perpetrated by out-of-control werewolf Leon Vega. The GBUK is reactivated, and a second team--the GBUK Graveyard Shift--is formed. Belmont serves as temporary team leader; the team is comprised of Eric Rose (transferring from Nightsquad), Roger Johnson, and Vega. Ben King Jr., curious about the father he never knew, transfers with Rose to England. Rosey Collins is hired as a civilian assistant. [GBUK,GBUKGS]

To replace Eric Rose, Tom Morgan is hired by Nightsquad; [GBNS]

Jo Kendall is injured in a rock climbing accident. During her recovery, she meets Garrett Miller, and the two begin dating when she leaves the hospital in May 2004. [GBOT]

New Years Eve. Kyle Peterson becomes an official Mobile Agent of GBI. [WNCGB]

2004 [14 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 22
Jan 1. At the direction of Lord Atrocity, Frau Geistimann steals the Eye of Apophis from the mummy of Pharaoh Tohnloq, awakening the mummy in the process. The mummy appears at the mansion of rap star Matthew "Zagnut" Marshall; the GBWC brokers a deal where Tohnloq becomes part of Zagnut's entourage, and the mummy is renamed by Marshall "MC Pharaoh" [GBWC]

Cliff Roswell and Zac "Yeti" Crago's Tri-State Paranormal Society is inducted into GBI as the Tri-State Ghostbusters. Not long after, however, the TSGB merges into Nightsquad [GBInd, GBNS]

February 13. Birth of Rose Rivera, the second daughter of Eduardo Rivera and Kylie Griffin. [GBOT]

Sandy Drake, the murderer of Alberto Rivera, is executed [GBOT]

The members of the GGG, a Nazi supergroup killed before World War II, returns from the dead and attempts to resurrect Belial once more. The GBWC and the vampire Bloodrayne destroy the GGG once and for all. Kyle Stevens becomes involved with the vampire Gen Brown. [GBWC]

Dr. Cedric London (a parapsychologist working for the Florida Department of Paranormal and Extranormal Activities), Rob Statler (engineer), Salina Duran (cryptozoology), Andrew Williams (monster hunter), and Brian Roig (a non-Hermetic sorcerer from the fringe Order of Ra) form Ghostbusters Doom Patrol. Erin Cummings is hired as Client Administrator. In their first case, they encounter madman Adrik Thorsen. [GBDP]

April. Lord Atrocity--the avatar of the Egyptian God Anubis, the God of the Dead--conjures a pyramid in Los Angeles. His attempt to enslave the entire world is halted by the heroic efforts of the Ghostbusters West Coast and Venkman, though GBWC member John Lipsyte sacrifices himself in the process. [GBWC]

Ghostbusters NOMAD reactivates. Ron Daniels leaves the GBWC and rejoins NOMAD. Dr. Will Ketcham of the Maryland Ghostbusters is hired by the GBWC to replace Ron. Leon Hogan is hired to fill John Lipsyte's position in the GBWC roster. [NOMAD,GBWC]

Father Vincent Crapello, a Catholic priest, joins NOMAD. [NOMAD]

Jeremy Hicks is possessed by the spirit of Vinz Clortho [GBWC,GBOT]

Oscar Wallance (who adopts the stage name Oscar Venkman) and Mood Slime have their first major gig; he also begins to date Roland Jackson's younger sister AJ. [GBOT]

Roland Jackson attains his PhD in Electrical Engineering [GBOT]

Brian "Reilly" Walker and Chris Davis form ECTO Canada [GBOT]

May 27. Jeremy Hicks, possessed by Vinz Clortho, meets with the Herald of Gozer in Toronto. He encounters ECTO Canada, but escapes. GBUK uncovers a mysterious book in their asylum. Martial arts instructor Sarah Jones is attacked by a vision of Zuul. [GBOT]

May 29. Peter Venkman is interviewed by Allmusic TV. GBUK contacts Professor Spengler about the mysterious book. He agrees to journey to England to study it. Hicks/Vinz Clortho arrives in England [GBOT]

May 30. Egon leaves for England in the ECTO-4. The Herald of Gozer kidnaps Ghostbuster groupie Mary Sue Gladstone and plants a posthypnotic command in her head. [GBOT]

May 31. Egon Spengler arrives in England, and goes to GBUK Central. He discovers that the book is written in Sumerian and is titled "The Chronicles of Gozer". Hicks gets into a barroom brawl that is covered on the local news. [GBOT]

June 1. Sarah Jones visits the GBUK, and the essence of Zuul briefly manifests. Ben King contacts Ray Stantz for information about the Shandor Building. The Ghostbusters UK and Egon recognize Jeremy from the news footage. [GBOT]

June 2 The report of the Toronto Incident is sent to GBCentral West. . Joey Williams, Fritz Baugh, Robert Griffiths, and Jeff Nash join Peter Venkman in making their own way to England to hunt for Jeremy/Vinz . [GBOT]

June 5. The GBWC and Venkman arrive in England. [GBOT]

June 6. Dana Venkman and Louis Tully have unsettling dreams about their experiences as the avatars of Zuul and Vinz Clortho in 1983. Vincent Belmont journeys to Arcane Alley, and obtains a globe of elements from the demon Renon (violating Hermetic law in the process). Egon begins constructing an antimatter bomb with the globe of elements. [GBOT]

June 7. Mary Sue Gladstone visits Ghostbusters Central, and attacks Janine Spengler; though she is stopped, she has served her purpose: the distraction allows the Herald to enter the building and attempt to breach the Containment Unit. She "releases the Corpus of the Destructor": The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Stay Puft merrily stomps through New York, with the Extreme Ghostbusters, Arcane Division, Nightsquad, Ray Stantz, and Winston Zeddemore in hot pursuit. They attempt to retrap Stay Puft, but fail as the Herald and her cult open a dimensional gate at Ground Zero. Stay Puft, Ray, and Winston are sucked into the hole . [GBOT]

June 8. Zuul's essence awakens in Sarah Jones, and the Keymaster and Gatekeeper complete the ritual to open the gate to Gozer's dimension. Belmont returns from Avalon and an encounter with Nathaniel Blaque, bringing Ray and Winston with him. Members of the Order of Hermes (including Liz Stantz and Fallagar), and many Garou (including Irena Cortez, Barney Lupin, and Silver Fang King Albrecht) unite to journey to Gozer's realm, in hopes of stopping the ancient horror once and for all. [GBOT]

June 12. The respective American members of GBI return home via a Hermetic portal, save Egon and Janine Spengler, who fly back aboard the ECTO-4.[GBOT]

In the aftermath of the Second Gozer Crisis, the Order of Hermes officially commends Lady Enlightenment and Vincent Belmont, and drops all charges against the latter. Archmage Fallagar is listed as missing, his fate unknown [GBOT]

The year 2004 would later be found in the Temple of Gozer in Summerville, presumably a (correct) calculation of Gozer's potential return. [GBA, GBOT]

After the incident officially recorded as the Tonnes Quarry Crossrip, Ray, Egon, and Vincent begin doing deeper research into the Gozarian cult and the notorious Ivo Shandor. [GBOT]

Summer Solstice: Archmage Fallagar materialized at Valnastium, the Domus Magnus of House Jerbiton. He enters a recuperative slumber that lasts over three years. The Prima of House Jerbiton, Maraksha Kashaf, informs the Magus Dominus. Morgond orders Fallagar's return kept secret. [GBOT]

The town of Columbia decides the Columbia House Hotel is a public menace, partially thanks to its age and partially thanks to its ability to attract unwanted paranormal visitors. It is condemned to total destruction, in hopes such a measure will discourage supernatural presences. [GBWC]

Vincent Belmont and Jill Valentine resign from Graveyard Shift, and return to the United States. Belmont resumes leadership of the Arcane Division. [GBAD]

The Gem of Odin surfaces in Onarga, Illinois; Kevin Kemarly, Ryan Price, Josh Kanosky, and Andrew Thomas form the Onarga Ghostbusters. [OGB]

Due in part to Rich Roy's workload with GBI, JZGB is closed and its operations merged with GBNJ. [GBNJ]

Early Summer. Western North Carolina Ghostbusters officially open for business, albeit on a part-time basis. Kyle Peterson tries to get Doctor Deven Raines, his supervisor/mentor, to join up. He finally does, when the two find themselves without their pharmacy jobs. They bust ghosts all over NC for a few weeks, then return back home where they are re-hired by the pharmacy - but not after a strange battle in Asheville.[WNCGB]

July 10. Max Sanford is born to Jackie Wells; his parents are drug abusers who sometimes use him to hide their illegal substances from the police. His father (John Sanford) might not even be his biological parent. [GBOT]

Chelsea Aberdeen resigns from the GBWC, and Rose Prevost is hired to replace her. [GBWC]

August. Marriage of Dr. Vincent Belmont and Jill Valentine [GBAD]

The Ghostbusters West Coast temporarily disbands; Joey Williams, Micheal Chad, Robert Griffiths, Leon Hogan, and Peter Kong return to civilian life. Kyle Stevens, Jeremy Hicks, and Will Ketcham join Andy Harnish in Tennessee, as the ETGB combines with the MTGB to form Ghostbusters Tennessee (GBTN). Fritz Baugh returns to Indianapolis to look for Chelsea Aberdeen. Dr. Jeff Nash leaves to undergo ninja training under the mysterious "Sub Zero" [GBWC,GBTN,GBNS]

Tom Morgan resigns from Nightsquad [GBNS]

August 13. On a case involving a shape shifter, Nightsquad acquires a pet cat, Simpson. [GBNS]

September. Sarah Jones leaves England and arrives in LA, only to find that Jeremy has relocated to Tennessee [GBWC]

Fritz Baugh follows Chelsea Aberdeen's trail to New York City, where her aunt, Dorothy Aberdeen, lives. With the help of Vincent Belmont, Bo Holbrook, and Jen Spengler, they uncover the reason Chelsea has come here: the Aberdeen family curse, cast by Lucindra in 1504; fearing for Fritz's life, Chelsea had agreed to take Lucindra's place and thus end the curse. After a fierce battle on September 27 at Toad Island, Chelsea is freed, Lucindra is defeated, and the curse is lifted. However, the curse had already heavily damaged Fritz's body, leading to the amputation below the knee of his critically infected left leg. [GBWC, GBNS, GBAD]

Just before Halloween 2004: a Ghostbusters International strikeforce, spearheaded by GBNJ, is formed to defeat the Baccardio entity. While they are victorious, Baccardio manages to escape.[GBNJ,OGB,WNCGB]

Ron Daniels, formerly of NOMAD and the Ghostbusters West Coast, is Named Senator to fill vacant position by Governor of Georgia. Awarded Honorary Doctorate in International Affairs by Georgia Tech University. [GBOT]

Mick Nielson (formerly of Shadow Chasers), and Damon and Mark Lucas join GBI, and become Ghostbusters: Tampa Division. Julie Madison joins the team.[GBSC]

2005 [15 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 23
The Ghostbusters West Coast reactivates with a smaller line up: Andy Harnish, Kyle Stevens, Jeff Nash, and Jeremy Hicks form the field team. Fritz Baugh takes over as CEO, but due to his injuries mostly runs operations from headquarters. Rose Prevost, Chelsea Aberdeen and Otter return to their staff positions. Dr. Zach Lavoy (formerly of Ghostbusters Chicago) and Dr. Jennifer Thompson are hired as reserve members.[GBWC]

Early 2005. Ray, Egon, and Vincent's research into Ivo Shandor leads them to Summerville, OK, and the Shandor Mine. The GBI team find the Temple of Gozer and Shandor's decaying corpse. GBI has the Oklahoma franchises keep watch over Summerville, visiting the mine at least once a year, and more frequently in 2020, a date mentioned in the temple. [GBOT]

February. Jeremy Hicks encounters Sarah Jones in LA. Hicks is briefly possessed by the spirit of Jing-Li [GBWC]

February 14. Tessa Jane Anderson's seventh birthday; it would be the last one she spends with her mother [GBOT]

Oscar Wallance is hypnotized by a Shannon O'Callahan tape he found in Venkman's trash. After being broken of the spell, he spends some time in Los Angeles. [GBOT]

Bo Holbrook kicks Cliff Roswell off of Nightsquad ; he later becomes a Mobile Agent attached to the GBUK. Jeff Nash joins Nightsquad, but also retains membership in the GBWC. [GBNS,GBInd]

Zak Kong resigns from the Florida Department of Paranormal and Extranormal Activities. [GBDP]

Tampa Division aquires the ECTO-2 (not to be confused with the helicopter long used by GBNY). It was purchased by Peter Venkman from Universal Studios after the Ghostbusters show was shut down. [GBSC]

Brian Roig's old friend Jason Riddle appears, just as reanimated Iraq War corpses attack a bar in Philadelphia. Tim Bondo is a witness. Passion starts to tentatively flare between Andrew and Salina. Despite Riddle's aid, CJ is apparently killed by Adrik Thorsen, Doom Patrol headquarters is destroyed, and Roig turns to the dark side to become Thorsen's "Disciple". Williams remains missing after this. It is later discovered that "The Disciple" is a doppelganger of Roig, and that the real Roig disappeared into a powerful episode of Wizard's Twilight[GBDP]

Senator Ron Daniels is awarded a Masters of Public Administration degree by Florida State University. [GBOT]

While in LA, Oscar Wallance is attacked by his childhood friend Rachel "Rayven" Klien, now a vampire of the Followers of Set Clan. The GBWC comes to his aid when Rayven and her master, Teth-Apophis, try to Embrace him. Rayven and Teth-Apophis are destroyed; unbeknownst to the Ghostbusters, much of this had come about by the manipulations of a sorcerer calling himself "The Necromancer" [GBWC].

Garrett Miller marries Jo Kendall. Oscar returns to New York. [GBOT]

Mick Nielson's nemesis Max Turner becomes a member of the E.P.A. and hires Jake Fuller to form the undead rights group "Ghost-Aid".

Birth of Mark Temple, second child of Luke and Nadia Temple, cousin of Natalie Daniels, and one-day nephew of Ghostbuster Roland Jackson. [GBOT]

July 7. Terrorists plant bombs in the London subway system. Among the victims is Lisa Jane Cadonfloyd Anderson, a florist and mother of two young children, daughter Janey and son Jacob, as well as being the daughter of Colin Cadonfloyd, Sixth Earl of Lungbarrow. [HA, GBOT]

The Columbia House Hotel is destroyed and its effects are auctioned off, but the Dust Monsters it housed are undeterred. They move on to terrorize the entire Columbia State Historic Park. Suddenly homeless, the more benign specter known as "Rachel" leaves Columbia and heads south to apply for residence at Disneyland Park. The Disneyland Resort turns down "Rachel's" request to take up residence in one of its attractions, claiming the Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror are both full to capacity. Rachel vents her frustration by causing the Matterhorn attraction to leak green slime for nearly an hour, until a phony psychic is summoned to boot her out. [GBWC]

August 20. Dr. Vincent Belmont (GBAD), Dr. Fritz Baugh (GBWC), Dr. Kevin Kemarly (OGB), and Dr. Greg Justis and Amy Kerns (GBDD) are present at Gen Con, and stop an entity that feeds upon creativity. [GBWC,GBAD,OGB]

September 13. Vincent Belmont's interview with Adam Sessler runs on X-Play [GBWC,GBAD,OGB]

Kyle Peterson and Deven Raines head to Japan, to investigate reports of strange things that are happening to kids that watch a certain Japanese cartoon. Ironically, the trail leads back to the mountains of Western North Carolina. The two manage to destroy a 'psychic vampire' (with a little help). [WNCGB]

Dr. James Ferguson, a friend of Tampa Division's Damon Lucas, is believed deceased after an incident in Pompeii; he resurfaces soon after, in accordance with a prophesy that Rome would rise again. An outbreak of zombie attacks related to the incident is seen worldwide, and practically every GBI franchise has to deal with the problem to one extent or another. [GBSC]

Shortly after this, due to internal stresses, Tampa Division breaks up. Nielson takes a teaching job at a community college; he discovers that Kurt Summers has returned to Florida, and hires him as a teaching assistant [GBSC]

September. Talena Ketcham, the daughter of Dr. Will Ketcham (GBIndependent, GBWC, GBTN) and Jess Williams, is born [GBWC/GBInd]

Parapsychologist Steve Reeves, engineer Jay Davis, and biologist Mark Skyler are recruited by Ray and Egon to form a Richmond branch of Ghostbuster Virginia [GBVA]

November. Republican Arnie Lapinski is elected Mayor of New York City; his predecessor, three-term Republican mayor Edwin McShane, declined running again in favor of considering a run at the 2008 Republican Presidential nomination. [GBOT, HA]

2006 [16 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 24
Louis Tully meets librarian Samantha Jessome, finding at last love with a woman who wasn't previously involved with a Ghostbuster [GBOT]

Rachel wanders to Long Beach and spends time aboard the Queen Mary, communicating with the ghost hunters that frequent the permanently moored cruise ship. One of them, Kitty LeChat, makes a drawing of her and posts it on the Internet. Another, Erika Frost, is afterwards hired to be the QM's resident psychic and tour guide, despite her inability to properly classify Rachel. She spends a few more months providing special effects for a B-movie studio called Exploding Spaceship Productions, but quickly tires of this occupation. [GBWC]

February 15. Sydney City Ghostbusters Form. Members are Graham Short, Glen Short, Tiko Merus and Marcus Carter. [GBAU]

May. Master Orus, leader of a faction of the Los Angeles vampires, murders Gen Brown, lover of Kyle Stevens and in their eyes a "traitor" the the Kindred. The Ghostbusters West Coast and werewolf Victor Nightstalker smash Orus's coterie, and Nightstalker executes Orus personally. Unbeknownst to the Ghostbusters, Orus's murder of Brown had been orchestrated by the Necromancer.[GBWC]

May. The Necromancer awakens the Soul Tracker. [GBWC]

May. Tampa Division reactivates; Nielson and Madison return to their posts, and Kurt Summers joins. Jerry Lewis (no, not THAT Jerry Lewis) joins about a month later. With Bo Holbrook's blessing, Tampa forms a Nightsquad team. Heather Jennings is hired for the Tampa Nightsquad, and Nielson's sister Mimi serves as their science officer. [GBSC]

Kevin Rivera, after graduating high school, decides to take a year off travelling the world. [GBOT]

June. Mick Neilson's old enemy, Valek, attacks GBTD; at one point, Nielson is missing and feared dead. Hurricane Alberto strikes Florida at the same time; it is feared that Valek may have influenced the storm. Agents of the Arcane Division and Onarga go to Florida to defeat Valek alongside GBTD. Nielson is found alive. [GBSC, GBAD, OGB, WNCGB]

June. Oscar Venkman and Mood Slime move to Memphis due to their developing musical career.

GBVA: Richmond confronts and defeats Damien Safire, alleged heir to the "Throne of Hell". [GBVA]

July. From the spot in Onarga where the Gem of Odin had appeared in 2004, a PKE sink hole appears, jeopardizing the entire ectosphere. The entity Vespiral, a per-Mesopotamian Goddess of Temptation, attempts to utilize it before being defeated by the Onarga Ghostbusters, Vincent Belmont, and Professor Spengler. [OGB, GBAD]

Mark Skyler of GBVA: Richmond is lost during a zombie attack. Later in the year, Steve Reeves is accused of misusing mood slime as a drug. [GBVA]

LA Prosecutor Grace Adler is disbarred after being charged with Obstruction of Justice. She writes a book, 'I'm a Law Abiding Citizen, and You're Not, where she blames her firing on "a left wing plot to keep her from properly accusing California's weak stance on immigration". She quickly becomes a right wing media darling, and soon hosts her own show on prime time cable television. [GBWC]

July. Former GBTD members Mark and Damon Lucas, along with Jake Fuller, form their own paranormal investigation group, "Banshee Busters" [GBSC]

July. Hide Tanaka, Tim Bondo, and Orla Wainwright are invited to join Ghostbusters Doom Patrol. A year after the battle with Thorsen, Andrew Williams and Brian Roig are still missing. [GBDP]

July. The spirit going by the name Rachel Leavenworth is "fired" from her job, and finds herself drawn to GBCentral West. While understandably wary at first, the Ghostbusters West Coast agree to let her stay; she declares herself "Spirit Liaison" and unofficial janitor of the team. [GBWC]

c.July 17. Social services seizes Max Sanford from his parents due to their abuse of him. Peter Venkman is asked to analyze the child, suffering from developmental problems, and he suggests Garrett and Jo Miller as foster parents. They quickly decide to adopt the boy, and rename him Maxwell Nicholas Miller. [GBOT]

August. "Banshee Busters" are defeated by the entity "Beetlejuice"; GBTD must fight the entity, and the battle leads to the death of GBTD member Julie Madison. Damon Lucas disappears, and Jake Fuller is rendered comatose; [GBSC]

Hayden Wallance begins attending Saint Susanna's School, Chelsea, SW3. During his years there, he performs in a number of school productions, including one of Little Shop of Horrors sometime between 2010 and 2012. [GBOT]

August 20. Egon Spengler visits LA to interview Rachel Leavenworth. The Soul Tracker attacks Zagnut and MC Pharaoh, but is driven off by the GBWC. [GBWC]

Late August. Damon Lucas appears in LA, harassing GBWC Spirit Liaison Rachel Leavenworth. [GBSC, GBWC]

August 28. Eduardo Rivera and Kylie Griffin are married by a judge. [GBOT]

September 3. Wedding of Dr. Fritz Baugh and Chelsea Aberdeen in Indianapolis, Indiana. Many members of GBI attend. [GBWC]

October. Jason Knetge is accepted as a trainee by the Ghostbusters West Coast [GBWC]

October. Heather Jennings joins Ghostbusters: Tampa Division [GBSC]

October 31. A dimensional fluctuation brings the GBWC into contact with the "Peoplebusters West Coast", their counterparts from what appears to be the same dimension encountered by GBNY in 1986 and 1991. The counterparts include a living version of Rachel calling herself "Ellie". At the verge of being defeated by their undead counterparts, the GBWC is saved when the dimension flux ends and sends the Peoplebusters back to their home plane.

Shortly afterwards, the Flip Side version of Ellie encounters Professor Epimetheus and Victor Ulforce, and joins the "Ghostbusters Flip Side" in Los Diablos [GBWC/GBOT]

November 1. Aidan Munroe is accepted as a trainee by the Ghostbusters West Coast. [GBWC]

November 6. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, running for re-election, is attacked by an entity copying the appearance and powers of the "T-1000" from the Terminator movies. The Ghostbusters West Coast is called to defend the Governator. [GBWC, HA]

Death of Dr. Ron Daniels. Circumstances and exact timing unrevealed [GBOT]

December. Aidan Munroe and Jason Knetge are brought to Fort Arnold to begin a month of training supervised by Winston Zeddemore. [GBOT, GBWC]

December. Charlie Richter is hired into SCGB replacing Glen, who heads back to his Auto Mechanical business. [GBAU]

2007 [17 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 25
January. Winston Zeddemore is confronted by Nathaniel Blaque; Aidan Munroe and Jason Knetge "graduate" Fort Arnold, and become full Field Agents of the GBWC. [GBOT, GBWC]

January. Strange ghostly symbiotic creatures start popping up around the City, The SCGB try to find out just where they are coming from and who is behind it. [GBAU]

Former New York mayor Edwin McShane officially declares his candidacy for the 2008 Republican Presidential nomination. [GBOT, HA]

Ghostbusters: Tampa Division realigns, combining operations with a Georgia franchise to become the Ghostbusters South Coast Division (GBSC}; Lawrence Hicks and Shamus O'Riley are hired for the "new" company. [GBSC]

Chelsea Aberdeen Baugh, GBWC Client Administrator and wife of CEO Dr. Fritz V. Baugh, announces that she is expecting their first child, with a due date of October 1. [GBWC]

Late March. GBSC battles a cult attempting to mine New Orleans for death force. Heather Jennings and Shamus O'Riley are believed dead for a time, but with Vincent Belmont's help are returned safe and sound. After this incident, Mick Nielson resigns from the GBSC. Jerry Lewis is promoted to CEO of the GBSC.[GBSC]

May. Looking for a place where he can just be "one of the guys" instead of the leader, and needing the change in scenery, Mick Nielson returns to active GBI duty with a transfer to Los Angeles and the Ghostbusters West Coast Division. Kyle Stevens takes a leave of absence.[GBWC]

En route from Tampa to LA, Mick gets sidetracked in New Mexico by the activities of a cult dedicated to the entity Shudde M'ell. Working without GBI sanction, Kevin Kemarly and Vincent Belmont come to his aid, and the threesome smash the cult. [GBWC, GBAD, GBOT]

Jeremy Davies, Kylie's maternal grandfather, dies and leaves her an inheritance. She uses the money to resume her interrupted academic career. [GBOT]

Tara Jackson becomes pregnant, and claims to not be certain of the baby's paternity--her brother, Dr. Roland Jackson of Ghostbusters, is among the family members expressing concern. Around the same time, Roland meets Grace Temple. [GBOT]

June. The Ghostbusters West Coast attracts vast media attention when spoiled hotel heiress and "reality" TV star London Sedgewick gets possessed and escapes from prison; they free her from the entity and return her to jail. Kyle Stevens resigns from the GBWC and GBI, making Andy Harnish the sole Field Captain of the team. [GBWC]

June. Christine Vernon dies of cancer; per the terms of her will, her fifteen year old son John is sent to live with Mick Nielson [GBWC]

July. Oliver White and Jay Martin finish college; after dealing with a Class V, they petition to join GBI as Ghostbusters: Oxfordshire. They are accepted on a probationary basis the next month. [GBOX]

July. The new Ghostbusters Oxfordshire team is aided by the Sidney City Ghostbusters in repelling a terror dog army. [GBOX, GBAU]

August. Kyle Stevens, now styling himself as a vampire hunter, is nearly killed by Brujah anarchs; he is saved by a brutal vampire hunting vampire, and they enter an uneasy partnership. [GBWC]

August. Fritz Baugh is brought before the Prince of Los Angeles, Julian Luna, who is concerned about both the growing Anarch problem, and rumors concerning "The Necromancer" and "Cywong". The two form a tentative working alliance. [GBWC]

September. Bess Napier is murdered by the demon Secernerus; Wanda Kazinsky and Celine Beck, the other two former members of Cernunos's "circle of power", blame Eduardo and swear revenge on him. [GBOT]

September 17: Killerwatt, the national debut album of the rock band Mood Slime, hits stores. The concert is interrupted by the appearance of the Extreme Peoplebusters, who kidnap Peter Venkman; simultaneously, members of the Ghostbusters West Coast are also transported to the Flip Side. Joining forces, the Extreme Ghostbusters, the GBWC, and Epimetheus's "Ghostbusters Flip Side" manage to reach a detente with the Peoplebusters by finding the long-missing Flip Side versions of Ray, Venkman, and Egon. [GBOT/GBWC]

September 22. Abigail Pauline Baugh is born to GBWC CEO Fritz Baugh and his wife, the former Chelsea Aberdeen. [GBWC]

October 17. Birth of Dawn Jackson, the daughter of Tara Jackson (and niece of GBNY's Dr. Roland Jackson). Tara insists on raising the child alone, and claims she's not even certain as to her child's paternity. [GBOT]

October. Mick Nielson and Jason Knetge run afoul of Gino Hammerhead during a rock concert [GBWC]

October. The GBWC answers calls about "killer pumpkins" all over California; the reign of terror culminates in the summoning of the "Pumpkin Lord" in Greenwood, at the same cemetary used by Alex V. Miles four and a half years before. Sub-Zero and undead pirate captain Jack Sparrow are involved with the case. [GBWC]

November. Dr. Will Ketcham, formerly of GBIndependent and the Maryland Ghostbusters, joins Nightsquad. He enters Reservist status with the GBWC [GBNS, GBWC]

November. The spectral "Dr. Loveless" hires three powerful entities, Stubbs, Needles, and Thrasher, the "Banshee Boys", who are powerful enough to gave the Ghostbusters West Coast a headache. [GBOT]

November. Kevin Rivera returns from his one year trip around the world; he is followed by the spirit of Robert Catesby. Wanda and Celine's new landlord, Oz Ignatio, becomes obsessed with Jessica Venkman. Celine briefly flirts with Roland. The twosome hit Eduardo with a series of curses designed to break his relationship with Kylie (and it becomes clear one reason is that Wanda can move in on Kylie afterwards) but they fade before becoming as effective as planned. The revenge scheme ends when Celine has a conscience attack and turns Wanda in to the insane asylum; Celine leaves New York to return to New Jersey. [GBOT]

December. Kieth Black, who had previously attempted to start a GBI franchise in Oregon, is accepted by Ghostbusters: Oxfordshire. The humor of having guys named "Black" and "White" on the team is irresistible. [GBOX]

2008 [18 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 26
January 1. At Valnastium, Domus Magna of House Jerbiton, Zandrik Fallagar reawakens after some three and a half years of recuperative slumber. [GBOT]

January. Kyle Stevens returns to the Ghostbusters West Coast, resuming his duties as team Co-Captain [GBWC]

January. Former New York Mayor Edwin McShane ends his bid for the White House. At one point the front runner, he was hobbled by scandals and didn't win a single primary. [GBOT, HA]

February 10. Fallagar visits Liz Stantz, making her aware of his survival. [GBOT]

March. Will Ketcham is removed from the Nightsquad roster. He returns full time to GBIndependent [GBNS, GBInd]

Death of Persephonethius' father. She decides to go to the surface world and locate Garrett, unaware of his marriage. [GBOT]

April 1. The first of four "harbingers" appears at Jessica Venkman's birthday party. A few days later, "Doom Cat" appears in fulfillment of a Norse prophesy, but is trapped by the original Ghostbusters. Persephonethius moves in with Oz. Birth of Shane Daniels to Stephanie McBride, Spencer Daniels' girlfriend. [GBOT]

April 13-14. Oz attempts to use Jessica Venkman's blood to call up the ghost of his dead father. Before this, he summons a basilisk that goes out of control; Oz Ignatio is missing and presumed dead in the fire that results. [GBOT]

April. Celine Beck and Persephonethius move to New Jersey. [GBOT]

June 30. Aram Marangoudakis, Twenty Fourth Primus of Tytalus, passes into Final Twilight. Due to the traditions of the Order he is given a year and a day to potentially re-emerge before the Quaesitors will certify his passing.[GBOT]

Fall. Eric Stantz, instead of attending seventh grade in New York, begins attending Rein-Hagen Academy, a private school secretly run by the Order of Hermes. Liz Hawthorne becomes a member of the faculty to keep an eye on him; Eric begins using her maiden name due to the "fame" of the Stantz name. [GBOT]

October 17. Kylie Griffin's sixteen year old cat, Pagan, dies. [GBOT]

2009 [19 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 27
February. The Riveras get a new cat, Iago. Dr. Roland Jackson and Grace Temple become engaged [GBOT]

February. Mick Nielson and Jeff Nash expose Dr. Henry Jenkins of Pheelgude Pharmaceuticals as the notorious Henry Jekyl and his murderous alter ego, Edward Hyde. [GBWC]

May. Miguel "Mike" Devicente is hired by the Ghostbusters West Coast, provisionally as a Reservist [GBWC]

Controversial cable host Grace Adler releases a new book, I Am A Better American Than You [GBWC].

Summer. Sixteen year old Charlene Zeddemore serves an internship at the Los Angeles offices of the Ghostbusters West Coast. [GBWC]

June. Mick Nielson is temporarily suspended by GBI's Internal Affairs Division; after aiding them in exposing a rogue franchise, he is grudgingly re-instated. Patrick Smith is hired by GBIIAD[GBOT]

June. Kyle Stevens accepts a position with the newly formed Birmingham Ghostbusters [GBWC]

June. Mike Devicente runs afowl of a chicken spirit, and of controversial conservative TV personality Grace Adler. [GBWC]

Early July. Jessica Venkman begins a sexual relationship with Cameron Daugherty [GBOT]

July 1. Tytalus Primus Aram Marangoudakis is officially ruled in Final Twilight by Quaesitor Garland Garamonte, beginning the year-long political struggle to choose the new Primus. While anti- GBI sentiment had lessened with the successful resolution of the Gozer Crisis of 2004, among the members of the House who become contenders for his succession is Nathaniel Blaque. [GBOT]

July 11. Marriage of Dr. Roland Jackson and Grace Temple. The time demon Ordtima attempts, and fails, to disrupt the event. [GBOT]

October 31st. An avatar of Samhain (claiming to have been sired by the original with a "willing cultist") manifests in Los Angeles, and is defeated by the Ghostbusters West Coast [GBWC]

Fall. Eden and Johnathan Spengler are advanced five years in their schooling, proceeding directly from Fourth Grade to Tenth. [GBOT]

November. Arnie Lapinski is elected to a second term as Mayor of New York City. [GBOT/iB]

2010 [20 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 28
Andy Harnish and Aidan Munroe are reclassified as Reservists with the GBWC. [GBWC]

Fritz and Chelsea Baugh adopt a kitten, a black cat named Mxyzptlk ("Mxy") [GBWC]

March. Events of "Subway of Doom" [GBWC]

Summer. Charlene Zeddemore serves another internship with the Ghostbusters West Coast. [GBWC]

June. Persephonetheus marries. The Extreme Ghostbusters and Celine Beck attend, though Celine does manage to avoid them. Celine is pregnant by that point, and gives birth to her son, Jason, shortly after the wedding; Jason Beck's father is not involved in his upbringing. [GBOT]

July 1. House Tytalus holds an Erisatic Moot, with the intent of selecting the Twenty Fifth Primus of the House. [GBOT]

Emilia Wallance and Tessa Jane Anderson both begin attending St. Susanna's School in Chelsea. While they're in the same year, and aware of each other, they don't interact much. Wallance plays clarinet in the school orchestra, while Anderson competes on the school's tennis team. [GBOT}

November. Mick Nielson, Aaron Holmgren, and Kristin Getsee are hired by Nightsquad [GBNS]

December 13. Gwendolyn Christiane and Mary Victoria Baugh are born, identical twin children of Fritz and Chelsea Baugh [GBWC]

2011 [21 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 29
Kylie Griffin attains her PhD at long last. [GBOT]

Now eighteen years old and a high school graduate, Charlene Zeddemore becomes a Reserve Member of the Ghostbusters West Coast. She spends her summers as a defacto full time member of the team, while during the school year she begins attending Columbia University back in New York, majoring in Psychology. [GBOT, GBWC]

June 28. Sasha Daniels is born, the second child of Spencer Daniels and Stephanie McBride (she is Daniels' third child). [GBOT]

July 18. Adam Timothy Jackson is born, the son of Dr. Roland Jackson his wife, Grace Temple. He's Roland's first child and Grace's second. [GBOT]

October 31. Mick Nielson's Orlando team squares off against a Sumerian Fire Demon that fed on Fear energy generated by the Halloween Horror Nights event at Universal. Turns out that it had been forming a river of black slime underneath the park for the last 20 years, and it finally popped it's top that Halloween. Nielson's team stops it from fully manifesting, and everything was happily ever after... Sorta. After these two incidents, Law Enforcement officials, along with the City council, and a very demanding Senator ordered that some sort of safeguard be put into place to prevent future incidents like that from happening. [GBSVU]

December. Formation of the Supernatural Victims Unit in Orlando. Mick Nielson team of outcasts to staff it, including a psychic, a former freelance monster hunter, and a mad scientist out of prison on work-release. [GBSVU]

2012 [22 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 30
Eden Spengler goes on her first date, a high school dance with Matthew Camus. She runs out of the auditorium in embarrassment when Camus tries to kiss her. [GBOT]

Hayden Wallance graduates Saint Susanna's School, Chelsea, SW3 [GBOT]

Johnathan Christopher and Eden Marie Spengler graduate from high school just before their thirteenth birthdays. They both go on to college, John studying engineering and Eden specializing in linguistics and computer programming; both, unsurprisingly, also study heavily in physics. [GBOT]

Mick Nielson, having gotten the Supernatural Victims Unit running smoothly, rejoins the Ghostbusters West Coast, splitting his time between the two teams. [GBWC]

2013 [23 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 31
August 16. Birth of Lucy Olivia Jackson to Dr. Roland Jackson and Grace Temple. She is Roland's second child and Grace's third [GBOT]

Hayden Wallance spends a year studying in the United States, and takes a criminology class with Charlene Zeddemore. He and Jessica Venkman carry on a clandestine sexual relationship. [GBOT]

October. Egon Spengler buys a chess set that transports his daughter Eden, along with Charlene Zeddemore, Jessica Venkman, and Conchita and Rose Rivera into a representation of the area of eastern England now known as Norfolk c.60 AD--they have been brought there by the spirit of the Iceni Queen Boudicca. After the five are freed from the chess set, Boudicca tries a second gambit, using Jessica's body to try and become pregnant by Hayden, then a third--kidnapping Lucy and Adam Jackson--before being convinced to peacefully disperse. [GBOT]

November. Vaughn Bradley is elected Mayor of New York City, replacing Arnie Lapinski [GBOT/GB16]

2014 [24 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 32
February 16. Birth of Christopher Cadonfloyd, son of Paul Cadonfloyd and his wife, Dr. Daphne Halloway. He is the great-grandson of Colin Cadonfloyd, Sixth Earl of Lungbarrow. [GBOT]

May 22. Beverly Denise Baugh is born, the fourth and final child of CEO Fritz Baugh and his wife, the former Chelsea Aberdeen. [GBWC]

Eric Hawthorne (Eric Stantz) graduates Rein-Hagen Academy, and becomes a dedicated pupil of Vincent Belmont [GBOT]

October 24. Roger Baugh, Professor of Literature at San Francisco Community College, is attacked by a frog-like creature. [GBWC]

October 31. Roger Baugh and Claire Burnham journey to Los Angeles to get the help of his nephew's Ghostbusters team. They discover that Roger has been infected with a Chaos Phage, the spawn of a chaos entity known as a Slaad, by the efforts of one of it's worshipers, a frog-like creature known as a Bullywug. [GBWC]

2015 [25 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 33
Charlene Zeddemore earns her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, and becomes a full time member of the Ghostbusters West Coast. She continues her studies part time at UCLA to work toward a Doctorate. [GBWC]

The Spengler Institute For Metaphysical Examination is launched as a joint venture between GBI, Spengler Labs, and Columbia University--it is housed in the same Weaver Hall that Venkman, Ray, and Egon once worked in. Columbia physics professor Dr. Erin Gilbert, former Higgins Institute scientists Dr. Abigail Yates and Dr. Jillian Holtzmann, and Winston's niece Patty Tolan are the founding staff of the Institute. [GB2016, GBOT]

2016 [26 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 34
Feb. 14. The Ghostbusters and FBI Agent Melanie Ortiz stop three ectoplasmic "aliens"--"Nibiru", "Serpo", and "Ummo"--from detonating a talisman formed over thirty years, allegedly capable of transferring Earth to an etheric plane and leading to "the end of the world". The fact that Serpo had blabbed the plan back in 1988 to a housewife he seduced, and in turn told Peter Venkman on "World of the Psychic", proved fateful to unraveling the plot. Vincent Belmont takes possession of the talisman. [GBOT, GB2]

Emilia Wallance and Tessa Jane Anderson graduate Saint Susanna's School, Chelsea, SW3. Anderson attends Durham University studying law and forensics. [GBOT]

Mood Slime guitarist Tim Price marries model Kimmy Delaney [GBOT]

Four members of the Spengler Institute--Dr. Erin Gilbert, Dr. Abby Yates, Dr. Jillian Holtzmann, and Patty Tolan--uncover a plot by disgruntled genius Rowan North to open a portal at the Mercado Hotel and become a god. They stop the plan, and are subsequently trained and certified as GBI Reservists [GBATC, GBOT]

2017 [27 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 35
Jacob Anderson graduates high school a year early. He accepts a biosciences scholarship at the University of Nottingham, which his mother and at least one ancestor attended. [GBOT]

Alec Jacobs is elected Mayor of New York City, succeeding Vaughn Bradley. A descendant of 19th Century Congressman Aaron Jacobs, Alec is also a cousin of the Melnitz family. [GBOT, Now]

December 28. Death of Katharine Melton Spengler at age eighty-five. She is survived by her son and two grandchildren, as well as a stepson and step-granddaughter. [GBOT]

2018 [28 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 36
Eric Stantz is inducted into the Order of Hermes as a member of House Bonisagus, and is officially known in the Order as "Eric Hawthorne". [GBOT]

Eden and Johnathan Spengler finish their postgraduate work, each having earned PhDs in their respective fields. They become the primary researchers at the Spengler Institute, a joint venture between GBI, Spengler Labs, and Columbia University located, ironically enough, in the former Weaver Hall. [GBOT]

Jacob Anderson disappears from Nottingham. He sends his family a package with all of his bank cards and IDs, after cleaning out his bank accounts. The note requests that they don't try to find him. [GBOT]

Emma Rivera, the daughter of Kevin Rivera and his wife Rachel, is born. Emma's grandfather is Carl Rivera, the brother of Ghostbuster Eduardo Rivera. [GBOT]

2019 [29 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 37
Birth of Courtney Delaney-Price, the first child of Mood Slime guitarist Tim Price and model Kimmy Delaney [GBOT]

Janey Anderson graduates Durham with bachelor degrees in law and forensics. She enlists in London's Metropolitan Police Department ("Scotland Yard"). [GBOT]

June 8. GBI celebrates the thirty-fifth anniversary of the founding of GBI and the release of the Ghostbusters movie. The launch of the ECTO-1 replivehicle line in announced, and the longtime car of the New York franchise is donated to the Smithsonian [GBOT]

June. The Order of Hermes holds their regular tribunals, which include preparation for 2020's Grand Tribunal [GBOT]

Charlene Zeddemore earns her PhD in Psychology [GBOT/GBWC]

After nine decades in Amot-Naphemus's realm, Zoraldo returns to Earth. Now a powerful necromancer, he begins to search for the Eye of Aretpo, the talisman needed to break the seal on Amot-Naphemus's prison. The sniveling cultist Roderick Dimsworth (a descendant of one of Zoraldo's original cultists) comes into his service. [GBOT]

2020 [30 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 38
January 20. Birth of Warren Cadonfloyd, second son of Paul Cadonfloyd and Dr. Daphne Halloway. He is also another great-grandchild of Colin Cadonfloyd, the Sixth Earl of Lungbarrow. [GBOT]

Professor Egon Spengler and Dr. Raymond Francis Stantz, co-founders of Ghostbusters International, are awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics, due to their groundbreaking work in dimensional axis theory. [GBOT]

The Forty First Grand Tribunal of the Order of Hermes. Vincent Belmont, Lady Enlightenment, and Eric Hawthorne (Eric Stantz) all attend; Eric defeats a Tytalus magus who badmouths GBI in a Certamen match. [GBOT]

Jessica Venkman and Hayden Wallance take their relationship "public". Hayden's brother Lars comes out of the closet as a homosexual. [GBOT]

July. Max Miller is contacted by his biological mother, Jackie Wells. [GBOT]

December 6. Death of Colin Cadonfloyd, Sixth Earl of Lungbarrow. He is succeeded as Earl by his son Sylvester, the Seventh Earl of Lungbarrow. Colin's granddaughter Janey Anderson is a member of Scotland Yard. [GBOT]

Date found in the Temple of Gozer in Summerville, presumably the date of a potential return of Gozer. [GBA/GBOT]

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