Fritz's Other Sites

Ghostbusters West Coast is the official site of the fan fic franchise I belong to. Character profiles, art, and of course all of the GBWC fan fictions are available there!

My Digimon fan site, only lightly updated since 2007 or so--but it IS the home of my crackpot crossover Digibusters!

Ectozone on Deviantart Not just Ghostbusters, either--there's pictures of the Legion of Super Heroes, Digimon, Cable from Marvel Comics, and even Darth Vader.

My profile on All of the Ghostbusters stuff is available here, but every once in a while I put something different there.

Official Sites
Sony's official site.

Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd's office overseeing new Ghostbusters projects.

Ghostbusters Youtube
The official Youtube channel; starting in 2021 they started streaming episodes of The Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters

Fan Sites

GB Fans is the successor to the legendary site (which now redirects to GBFan's Equipment section, run by A.J Quick. Like GBN, it has one of the most popular Ghostbuster message boards running.

Proton Charging is a great Ghostbusters news site run by Chris "castewar" Stewart.

Ghostbusters Wiki
Maintained by Devilmanozzy and mrmichaelt, a user-editable wiki with lots and lots of stuff!

EGB Fans. An Extreme Ghostbusters fan site by Ectozone Editorial Staff member and my frequent collaborator, Rosey "EGBFan" Collins

Ghostbusters Headquarters Webmastered by Troy Benjamin, formerly known as "NetSolo"; one of the legendary Ghostbusters fan sites.

The Ghostbusters Inc. Web Site. Administrated by Rich C. Roy (Spengs), it's the indispensible source of information about upcoming projects from all of the GBI franchises! is administered by Chad Paulson, and is another popular Ghostbuster site on the web.

Ghostbusters News.Com
Another Ghostbusters news site, appropriately enough.

The Ghostbusters Podcast
Ron Daniels (Jesusfreak) and Jason Hughes (Captain N of ) have started a new Ghostbusters podcast. It's pretty cool, and you can check it out.

NYGB COMICGUIDE (Archive) Founded by ECTO-1, and restored by Paul Rudoff and myself, is a treasure trove of information about the NOW Comics run, and lesser known oddities like the Filmation Ghost Busters comic, and the quirky RGB comics produced by Marvel UK.

Spook Central, created by Paul Rudoff, recently reopened for visitors . This is one of the best GB sites I've ever seen, with episode guides, the movie scripts, and loads of pictures.

Non-GB Affiliates
I don't own these sites, but either help run them or heartily recommend them

Doctor Belmont: A Wizard Did It Check out Vincent Belmont (of Nightsquad and Arcane Division fame) and his new game review site!

Pointy Hat Games The gaming company headed by the guy we known as Vincent Belmont.

Still Playing With Toys Webmastered by Troy Benjamin, formerly of GBHQ.

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