One of the greatest movies of all time was Ghostbusters. It was followed up with one of the greatest cartoons of all time, The Real Ghostbusters (one of the most successful Movie-to-TV translations EVER). The mix of comedy, horror, and weird science was white-hot in the Eighties, and still maintains a loyal fan following to this day!!!

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January 1, 2020
So anything of note on the horizon?

Oh yeah, that...

IDW has Ghostbusters: Year One in the works, and it looks to be interesting, especially as it will prove that IDW can do Ghostbusters stories without dragging in guest stars from other dimensions. Most of the crossovers have been pretty good, but man, did it get old fast.

I don't know for sure what will be coming up at the Ectozone. I've been tossing some ideas around in my head, especially after Thirty Five Years Later was finished. I may do some more stories of the not-so-far-in-the-future-anymore Ghostbusters. I'm kicking around some stuff with the dormant Ghostbusters West Coast; not necessarily "reactivation", maybe more finally slaying the White Whale that is the unfinished "Toy Soldiers", a high-spectacle vampire story I started just before I became sick of fucking vampires.

On the other hand, speaking of things I'm fucking sick of...

...there's a Presidential Election this year, and oh fuck, that means we're going to be hearing more about and from Donald Fucking Trump, as though we haven't heard enough from that orange asshole the last five years. I know there are still 40% of the people in this country who think that extorting foreign governments and throwing children in cages are good things, but I think the world will be a better place by ten billion percent when he's gone. I don't drink alcohol, smoke anything, or take drugs not prescibed to me by a doctor, but after the last five years of life in America I understand why people do those things.

Anyway, have a safe and happy thirtieth year of the Age of Aquarius

--Fritz V. Baugh

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Five newest stories (newest on top)

Ghostbusters: Thirty Five Years Later
June 8, 2019--Timeline Year Thirty-Seven
The present is the transition point between the past and the future; and perhaps this is more true than ever. As Egon, Janine, and many other Ghostbusters past and present celebrate GBI's success, two similar looking vehicles--one a rusted wreck, one a state of the art high tech marvel--hint at the futures about to unfold in more than one universe.
(Posted December 17, 2019)

Tales From The Ectozone: Coda And Terchi
March 21, 1998--Timeline Year Sixteen
After five and a half years of tension between them, it seems that something is about to change for Coda Monkeyfang and Terchi Bagwise. But will it be for good or ill?
(First Posted August 13, 2019)

Tales From The Ectozone: Kyrie Was Here, Part Four
1992--Timeline Year Ten
The mystery of Kyrie Wheatberry's fate has been answered. But she leaves behind a daughter seeking the answers behind her very existence: what combination of romance and tragedy lead Kyrie to live as a single mother an alien world?
(First Posted May 13, 2019)

Tales From The Ectozone: Kyrie Was Here, Part Three
1992--Timeline Year Ten
The Goblinchild has been revealed as the key to uncovering Kyrie's fate. But the kreen are on their trail, and can even the Archmage's power--compromised as it is by the ruined ectosphere of this cursed world--be enough to resist the song of Xorak?
(First Posted April 16, 2019)

Tales From The Ectozone: Kyrie Was Here, Part Two
1992--Timeline Year Ten
Terchi finds himself trapped alone with the Goblinchild, and he may be closer to solving the mystery of Kyrie Wheatberry that he realizes.
(First Posted February 3, 2019)

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