Ghostbusters International: The Official History; Rises And Falls

Rises And Falls (1983-1996)

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Rises And Falls (1983-1996)
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1983 [2122 Pisces]
GBOT Year 1
(GB1, "The Zeddemore Factor", and "Citizen Ghost")
May. Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, and Egon Spengler are fired from Columbia University. At Venkman's suggestion, they get three loans on David Stantz's house in the Bronx and use it to form Ghostbusters Inc. [GB1]

June 7. Janine Melnitz is hired as Ghostbusters Inc.'s secretary [GB1]

June 7. Jason Knetge is born [GBWC]

June 8. Ghostbusters Inc. opens it's doors for business for the first time. Egon Spengler and Janine Melnitz meet for the first time. Ray Stantz purchases the 1959 Cadillac Miller Meteor that is later dubbed "ECTO-1"

Dana Barrett becomes the Ghostbusters' first client. Peter Venkman immediately starts hitting on her. [GB1]

June 8. Death of mental patient Johnathan Stafford in Southall Sanitarium, Staffordshire, England. [GBOT]

The Proton Pack Mark 1 and Ghost Trap Mark 1 enter service. [GB1]

In their first bust, Venkman, Ray, and Egon bust the Class 5 that would later be known as their pet and mascot, Slimer. In the following weeks, the Ghostbusters burst into public view as a spate of supernatural activity grips the New York area. They attract the attention of EPA hatchet man Walter Peck. [GB1]

Twelve year-old Fritz Baugh meets Nick Hogan at Camp Sherwood in Alabama [GBWC]

Winston Zeddemore joins as the fourth Ghostbuster. A few hours after hiring Winston, the Ghostbusters get a call to the Museum to battle dinosaur ghosts. Despite a slow start (he forgets to turn on his proton pack), Winston proves himself as a Ghostbuster by being instrumental in catching the entities. [GB1,88MPH]

Dana Barrett and her neighbor, accountant Louis Tully, are possessed by Zuul and Vinz Clortho, and summon the Sumerian god Gozer the Gozarian, who materializes first as a woman then as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. The Ghostbusters defeat Gozer, and Venkman and Dana begin seeing each other romantically. Louis becomes famous for fifteen minutes as the spokesman for "Keymaster Cologne" [GB1, 88MPH]

The year 1983 would later be found in the Temple of Gozer in Summerville, presumably a (correct) calculation of Gozer's potential return. [GBA, GB1, GBOT]

Walter Peck is fired by the EPA. He later continues his vendetta against Venkman with Bureau of Unidentified Flying Organisms (BUFO). [RGB]

The marshmallow substance of the Destructor is collected by the New York Department of Sanitation, and taken to a dump. Egon Spengler requests that the containers be separated, but the Department of Sanitation fails to do this. [GBOT]

Despite saving the city, possibly the world, lawsuits are filed against the team for their activities in leveling Central Park West [GB2]

A man matching the description of Archmage Zandrik Fallagar appears at a special Hermetic Tribunal called after the Gozer crisis; the Tribunal is unable to prove or disprove his identity, even though Fallagar's appearance as youthful at the age of eight centuries is beyond the bounds of known Hermetic longevity rituals. Primus Aram Marangoudakis of Tytalus pushes for action against the bunch of "Mad Etheric upstarts" who defeated Gozer, but the Magus Dominus rallies the votes to prevent that action. [GBOT]

The Ghostbusters rebuild the firehouse, and build a bigger containment unit. The Ghostbusters switch from uniform grey/tan flight suits to color-coded ones. Egon orders their old ecto-marshmallow-covered grey uniforms destroyed, but Venkman neglects to do this. A leakage from the containment unit causes the uniforms to come to life as spectral doppelgangers of the Ghostbusters, the "Anti-Ghostbusters". The Sedgewick Class Five, having escaped the containment when Peck blew it up, starts hanging around the firehouse.

Ray names the Sedgewick ghost Slimer, and the team adopts him as pet and mascot over Venkman's objections. The Ghostbusters defeat the Anti-Ghostbusters. [RGB]

Egon begins using an extensively upgraded and redesigned version of the PKE Meter, the Model 2.0 [RGB,GBOT]

Comedian Dan Aykroyd, a veteran of Saturday Night Live and a paranormal enthusiast, convinces Columbia Pictures to turn his proposed ghost-hunter movie into an account of the Ghostbusters battle with Gozer. They option the rights to the story, and the money they wave in Venkman's face to do so comes in quite useful for the rebuilding of the firehouse and the new Containment Unit. Aykroyd and Harold Ramis write a script, and are tapped to play Ray and Egon in the finished movie. Bill Murray, whom Aykroyd and Ramis had both worked with, is hired to play Venkman. Ernie Hudson, Annie Potts, Sigourney Weaver, and Rick Moranis finish out the main cast as Winston, Janine, Dana Barrett, and Louis Tully. [HA,GB1,GBOT]

December 24. Winston Zeddemore meets museum curator Kaila MacMillan, a former co-worker of Janine's. [GBOT,Now]

December 24. In a New Jersey landfill, the remains of Gozer's Destructor form recongeals into the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. The Ghostbusters place it in the new containment unit. Without Gozer's mind it is at first mindless, then develops a simple, almost benevolent personality. [RGB,GBOT]

December 31. Winston and Kaila go on their first date. It is the first of many. [GBOT,RGB,Now]

1984 [2123 Pisces]
GBOT Year 2
(The events of RGB Season 1 on ABC, part of the Season 2 syndicated package, and GB: Legion#1-4 occur)
Digging a new subway tunnel, the transit authority disobeys the door telling them "do not open until doomsday". The Ghostbusters close the gateway before, well, all Hell breaks loose. [RGB]

The Ghostbusters deal with Ghosts R Us, Killerwatt, and Wat. The ECTO-2 enters service. [RGB]

Trolls invade New York, attempting to rescue a "party" animal renegade. The Ghostbusters stop the trolls from burning down the city with a stone statue--Venkman sends the little troll to a college friend who loves practical jokes.

The Ghostbusters have their first encounter with Egon's childhood nemesis, the Boogeyman. Unable to capture it by standard means, they sacrifice their proton packs to seal it in its realm [RGB]

The Ghostbusters stop a renegade Sandman. [RGB]

Ray, Egon, and Venkman's former colleague Micheal Draverhaven mentally dominates Slimer and uses him to escape from Albany Psychological Corrections Center. The Ghostbusters free Slimer and stop the mentally unhinged Draverhaven before he can destroy the city with an army of ghosts under his control [88MPH, GBOT]

Dana Barrett breaks up with Venkman. She begins dating violinist Andre Wallance some time after. [88MPH,GB2]

The Ghostbusters stop The Monster That Is A Cookie at the MacDuff Cookie Company. [GBOT]

Ray returns to his hometown, Morrisville, and reunites with his childhood sweetheart Elaine Fuhrman during the Winged Puma Festival. They keep in contact and go on a few dates afterwards, but Elaine refuses to move to New York. [RGB, GBOT]

Janine is briefly bamboozled by a genie [RGB]

Janine takes Egon to meet her family, while the other Ghostbusters have to deal with an imp problem. [RGB]

A bad experiment with a plasmic strainer leaves the city coated in green slime and convinces Egon to give up on the idea of "disintegrating ghosts on the spot" [RGB]

Jeremy Whittington tries to unleash Ragnarok to take revenge on the world for his break-up with his girlfriend Cindy. It is only the example of his deformed servant DiTillio that causes him to reconsider before the Ghostbusters blow themselves up to stop him. Egon Spengler begins to realize he has feelings for Janine [RGB]

One of the beings trying to instigate Ragnarok is the demon Surt; he is caught and contained by the Ghostbusters. [EGB/GBOT]

May 2. Slimer devours Winston's birthday cake. [RGB]

Len Wolfman's creation, Captain Steel--one of Ray's childhood favorite comic characters--briefly manifests. It causes a spike in the character's popularity, saving his comic from cancellation [RGB}

May 25. Cheryl Hawthorne Brushett, sister of Hermetic Maga Lady Enlightenment, gives birth to a son, Justin "Jay" Brushett [GBOT/CGB]

When Winston vanishes from Ghostbusters Headquarters, the rest of the guys find him playing in a "contest of the gods", where good and evil are warring for one human soul. Winston has chosen a baseball game for the contest, because of his love for the Jersey Jaguars (a loser baseball team). The Umpire allows the other Ghostbusters to witness the contest; they nearly blow it by helping out (the Umpire previously said "Only evil cheats"). Winston and the good guys win fair and square. The kicker is, the soul they were playing for was Venkman's! [RGB]

The ghosts of the animals killed by the Maxig and Butterworth fire of 1944 haunt Ray Cougar's tacky carnival. The Ghostbusters stop the ghosts before anyone gets killed [RGB]

Ghostbusters premieres on June 8, 1984, and is a top-grossing movie (indeed, considered the highest-grossing comedy ever for several years) The financial windfall from this movie allows the formation of the franchising body Ghostbusters International, and a few franchises take the start-up package. Only one, the Northern Virginia Ghostbusters (NOVAGB) led by Dr. Norman Gagnon, survives this period [HA, GBOT]

June 8. Birth in Arborshire of Posey Augusty, the third child and younger daughter of Rishot and Peaches Augusty [GBOT]

Legendary cartoon creator Walt Fleishman is discovered alive, after the Ghostbusters free him from forty years of torture by his evil creation Winchester Wolf [RGB]

The Ghostbusters help the Peterson family, who'd been haunting their former farm now owned by Ray's second cousin Samantha, attain peaceful rest [RGB]

An accident with his experimental molecular destabilizer causes Egon to be pulled into the dimension of Tolay. The other Ghostbusters bring him back. [RGB]

The Ghostbusters are captured by the Greek god Proteus; Janine straps on a proton pack and frees them. [RGB]

Mysterious disappearance of the magician known as "The Great Calamari". [RGB]

The four Ghostbusters share the cover of an issue of Spooks Illustrated magazine. [RGB]

Egon accidentally releases a small dragon summoned and bound by his ancestor, Zediciah Spengler. The thing is causing major trouble before Egon successfully returns it to slumber. [RGB]

The Ghostbusters deal with vampires and werewolves in the remote town of Lupusville [RGB]

The city of New York tries to open the transplanted Castle Kildarby as a tourist attraction. They have to hire the Ghostbusters to deal with the not-so-tourist-friendly ghosts inside. [RGB]

September 6. Jillian Holtzmann is born [GB2016/GBOT]

With the Ghostbusters' help, ghostly detective Phillip Spade resolves old business with his old nemesis Blackie, turned into a monster by a mummy's curse.[RGB]

The Ghostbusters meet Venkman's con-man father, Charlie Venkman, selling bogus "ghost repellers" to an expedition to survey the mysterious New Jersey Parallelogram. [RGB]

The Ghostbusters are hired by Olivia Stewart to help her Uncle Horace peacefully pass to the Other Side. [RGB]

The Ghostbusters encounter Simon Quaig, who is trying to reach Providence--even though he's been dead since 1887. He is being pursued by a "dark rider". Ray tries to help, but ends up getting stuck in the carriage himself. When Quaig confronts the dark rider, the amalgamation of Quaig's misanthropic deeds in life, he is able to go home at last--which now means Crossing Over To The Other Side. [RGB]

A chemical accident at Harcourt Chemical has the Ghostbusters briefly end up the unwilling host bodies of ectoplasmic parasites. [RGB]

Reported death of billionaire Willard Tummel after a strange incident at his Tower. [RGB]

October 31. Samhain, the ancient Celtic deity who's legend is at the heart of the Halloween celebration, attempts invoke perpetual Halloween. He is defeated and locked in the Ghostbusters' containment unit. [RGB]

A cute little ghost turns out to be a hideous monster, only slightly more destructive than his namesake, Janine's nephew. [RGB]

The Ghostbusters must reassemble a ghost possessing an entire iron shipment before they are able to catch it. [RGB]

Thanksgiving. The spirits of the dead possess the balloon of Murray the Mantis at the Macy's parade. The Ghostbusters utilize the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man to stop it. [RGB]

Cubby, driven mad by living atop a fried chicken franchise, makes a deal with the demon Morgannon to get rid of all the chickens in the world. Morgannon enlists the help of the Ghostbusters to break the contract and restore his wounded demonic prestige

The Ghostbusters must save Ray's aunt Lois from the Russian domovyen spirits released by fraud spiritualist Dr. Alfred Bassingame

Christmas Eve. The Ghostbusters go back in time and meet Ebeneezer Scrooge, star of Dicken's A Christmas Carol. They accidentally interfere with events, and Ray, Venkman, and Winston must return to 1842 while Egon enters the containment unit to free the three spirits and close off an unproductive, anti-Christmas timeline. [RGB]

1985 [2124 Pisces]
GBOT Year 3
(Events of the second half of RGB Season 2 syndicated and the events of Season 3)
Austrian rock singer Falco records "Rock Me Amadeus" [HA]

The Ghostbusters are hired by Charles Von Limburger to de-haunt his house, [RGB]

The Ghostbusters deal with a drought in supernatural activity by briefly becoming the Crimebusters. The human confinement technology they develop would become useful in later years [RGB, GBOT]

The Ghostbusters are contracted by the French government to repair the failing containment system in the Eiffel Tower. One of their proton packs is left behind to power the array. [RGB, GBOT]

Cultists steal a copy of the Necronomicon on display at the New York Public Library. To find it, the Ghostbusters enlist the help of Dr. Alice Derleth of Miskatonic University. The cult is attempting to summon the Great Old One Cthulhu, and for a few terrible moments the great being walks the Earth before a risky gambit using an old H.P. Lovecraft story sends the monster back to his ocean floor dwelling. The cult leader, Clarke Ashton, is taken into custody, [RGB]

Brief career of Shannon O'Callahan, a banshee pretending to be a musician. Peter Venkman saves a tape of her songs, which is found years later by his stepson, Oscar Wallance [RGB, GBOT]

Feb 20. En route to the Tulane paranormology conference, which just happens to be taking place at the same time as Mardi Gras, the Ghostbusters encounter the undead musician Malachi. [RGB]

The Ghostbusters encounter Drool the Dog Faced Gobin at Madame LaFarge's side show [RGB]

March 17. The Ghostbusters save Chief O'Malley from a bog hound. They run afoul of detective Harvey Frump on this case, and on a case involving the Headless Horseman soon after. [RGB, GBOT]

Winston helps the late Agatha Grisley finish her final novel. [RGB]

The Ghostbusters help Agatha Faversham deal with the monsters haunting her attic [RGB]

During a battle with the Undying One of Tangalla, aka "Driano-Noje", Winston discovers he's the reincarnation of the Ibandi chieftain Shima-Buku. [RGB, GBOT]

Charlie Venkman and Alfred Bassingame accidentally unleash Hob Anagarak, the Inuit God of Fire, in Madison Square Garden. The Ghostbusters successfully re-bind the entity. [RGB]

Max Pilopolous dredges up the treasure from the pirate ship, the Stag, and causes Captain Jack Higgins and his decaying, taste-impaired crew to come back from the dead to get it back. The Ghostbusters successfully capture Higgins and his crew. [RGB]

The ghost of Wyatt Earp briefly manifests in Tombstone, Arizona [RGB]

Egon Spengler briefly quits the Ghostbusters under pressure from his Uncle Cyrus. [RGB]

Jacob Kong Jr. and his partner, Eddie Spencer Jr. re-activate their father's "Ghost Buster" group. They never have the success of their more famous competitors. [FGB, GBWC]

May 11. Carlos Rivera, NYPD, marries Beth Masters of Iowa.[XGB, GBOT]

Andrew MacMillon, Duke of Dunkeld in Scotland, dies. As per the terms of his will, his title is to be inherited by his American nephew, Ray Stantz. [RGB]

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, sealed in the Codex of Saint Theophilus centuries earlier, are briefly released before being trapped by the Ghostbusters [RGB]

Ray and Winston compete in "You Bet Your Afterlife". They win a trip to Tahiti and three tons of deviled ham. [RGB]

June 6. Aidan Munroe is born in Utah. His father is a NASA engineer, and his mother is English. He spends much of his childhood in Huntsville, Alabama [GBWC]

A possessed plant nearly destroys Brooklyn before the Ghostbusters stop it. [RGB]

The Babylonian Gods Marduk and Tiamat have a battle in Central Park. [RGB]

Venkman encounters the ghost of Casey Jones [RGB]

Dana Barrett marries Andre Wallance, a violinist in the New York Symphony Orchestra. [GB2,GBOT]

Jeremy Whittington and his longtime girlfriend Cindy wed [GBOT/IDW]

The Ghostbusters go underground and discover the "Pillar of New York", a giant gear that keeps Manhattan from sinking. A bunch of ghosts try to disrupt by closing off the flow of lubricating ectoplasm, but the Ghostbusters stop them. [RGB]

Venkman's old frat, Tri Kuppa Bru, is haunted by the ghosts of college drop-outs. The Ghostbusters and Dean Fitzroy bribe their leader, Elwin Spaulding, with make up courses and fake diplomas.

Sir Bruce Sans Pite' manifests from the Genevieve Tapestry; his attempt to turn Dr. Doris Tibbs into his dead lover is thwarted by the Ghostbusters. [RGB]

Deadcon I occurs in New York City. [RGB]

The Ghostbusters are contracted to stop the gremlins haunting a Generous Moters factory. As a reward, they get to meet Aretha Franklin. [RGB]

Nexa leads an invasion of Undyne water spirits. When Ray, Egon, and Winston are swallowed by Nexa, Venkman displays his little-seen inventive side and creates a micro-wave gun that frees his comrades and defeats Nexa. [RGB]

July? According to an unverified account, a mortal child is born, a "Son of Samhain" sired by the entity with a "willing cultist". The avatar would be encountered after he inherits his full power, during Halloween 2009. [GBWC]

MJN producer Artie Grendel hires ghosts to work in his movies. It doesn't go well for him. [RGB]

Helen Shrek and Sandy Van Sanders of 20/40/60 try to interview the Ghostbusters in the middle of a crisis where Egon's been possessed. [RGB]

The Ghostbusters close down pirate TV station WBOO. [RGB]

The Ghostbusters prevent the Lord of Stench from stealing the shears of the Fates. [RGB]

A freak experiment switches Egon and Slimer's minds just as Egon is being challenged by the Master of Shadows, an intellectual snob. [RGB]

Janine Melnitz is contacted by a creature that passes itself off as her "Fairy Godmother", and convinces her to allow it to "improve" her. As a side effect of this process, Janine's thought processes become increasingly erratic, and she becomes abnormally susceptible to the effects of psychomagnetheric emanations [RGB]

The Ghostbusters travel to Boldavia, and meet the benevolent vampire Count Vostok, being hounded by Nicholas Van Helden, a crazed anti-vampire fanatic from a branch of the Van Helsing family. At the time, Vostok claimed to be the "real" Dracula--a claim later disproven by Vincent Belmont of the Arcane Division [RGB,GBAD]

Peter Venkman is contacted by Dr. Norman Draverhaven, an eccentric ghost hunter who has developed an inferior weapon called a "photon pack." Draverhaven insists on joining the Ghostbusters--Venkman rudely ejects him and tags him with the insulting nickname "Professor Dweeb". Draverhaven then forms a partnership with an old college buddy and fellow spurned would-be Ghostbuster Dr. Harlan Herbert Loone; he even acquires an authentic enemy, a low-level Class Five named "The Sleaze" [GBOT,RGB]

Encounters with "Baby Spookums" and Raal. [RGB]

The Ghostbusters encounter an extradimensional Sasquatch during a camping trip. [RGB]

October 5th. Molly Anne Hanes born to Elwood and Annie Hanes. [GBInd]

During a bust, Egon falls off the World Trade Center; he's saved, but when he represses the fear brought on by the experience the Boogeyman is able to break out of his dimensional prison. The Ghostbusters use the molecular destabilizer to capture him and place him into the Containment Unit. [RGB]

The Ghostbuster catch a minor entity named Ralph, and send him into the Containment Unit. There, he encounters Samhain, the spirit of Halloween, but it's not--it's the Boogeyman, who devours Ralph to build up power. [IDW]

Strange incidents with Slimer's fairy tale book and him becoming a larger and more malicious version of himself [RGB]

Marty Tillis, President of Stay-Puft Marshmallows, hires the Ghostbusters to walk a controlled Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man through the Park as a fund-raising and promotional event; a nasty sting ray-like phantom nearly causes disaster. [RGB]

Halloween. Samhain escapes the containment unit, once again trying to instigate eternal Halloween. Once again, he is foiled and contained [RGB]

Democrat Lenny Clotch is reelected to his final term as Mayor of New York City [GBOT]

The Ghostbusters accept a strange assignment from the Micawber family. [RGB]

November 19. Kevin Kemarly is born in Onarga, near Chicago, Illinois. [OGB]

The Grundle tries to corrupt Alec Meredith, intent on turning him into another Grundle, before being stopped by the Ghostbusters. [RGB]

All of the Grundle's previous victims return to normal when the creature is contained except Jack Ryan, a friend of seven-year old Kylie Griffin. Realizing that the Ghostbusters were about to catch him, the Grundle had this victim go into suspended animation, emerging twelve years later fully transformed into a duplicate Grundle [XGB, GBOT]

Marcus Jackson is born in New York, the third of the seven children of Phil and Sharon Jackson [GBOT/XGB]

The Ghostbusters' old "pal" Walter Peck, ex-EPA hatchet man, shows up to cause more trouble. Except now he's a hatchet man for the Bureau of Unidentified Flying Organisms, and he tries to have Slimer destroyed. It doesn't work and he's fired once more. [RGB]

An annoying shape-shifting monster causes havoc in Ghostbusters' HQ [RGB]

1986 [2125 Pisces]
GBOT Year 4
(RGB Season 4)
Death of Gaylord Stantz, brother of Lois Stantz and the late David Stantz, thus Ray Stantz's "long lost uncle". Gaylord leaves his joke shop to Ray; Ray later sells it and uses the proceeds to buy an occult book store. [RGB, GBOT, GB2]

The first prototyple ECTO-3 is created [RGB]

A weird tornado throws Ray, Egon, and Venkman into "The Flip Side", a fae realm that is a dark reflection of the Earth plane, and they are chased by the "Peoplebusters", ghostly counterparts of themselves. [RGB, GBOT]

January 12. Birth of Zach LaVoy in Chicago, Illinois. [GBWC]

January 20. Ben King Jr. is born in Buckinghamshire, England, to nineteen year old Ben King and his wife Andrea, an unplanned teen pregnancy. The marriage ends up short lived, and after the divorce Ben Jr. is taken by his mother to the United States. [GBUK]

Egon is briefly afflicted with a form of lycanthropy that turns him into a werechicken. [RGB]

A manifestation of the destructive spirit Mee-Krah is stopped by the Ghostbusters. [RGB]

Janine is romanced by Paul Smart, president of Grossjuck Industries; his real purpose is to gain knowledge of confidential Ghostbuster technology to create Robobuster X-1,a ghostbusting robot that nearly drives the Ghostbusters out of business. In the end, Smart is disgraced and Grossjuck is sued and disbanded. [RGB]

Four Ghostbusters from the 2020's--hyperintelligent twins John and Eden, sorcerer Eric, and British detective TJ--appear to halt the plans of Dr. Harlan Herbert Loone, who has been brainwashed by criminals in the 24th century to murder the original Ghostbusters. With his collaborator Dr. Norman "Professor Dweeb" Draverhaven, they attempt to kill first Janine Melnitz then Peter Venkman, but are foiled. The Ghostbusters catch the Sleaze shortly afterward. [GBOT]

Herbert Loone and Norman Draverhaven are committed to Parkview Hospital [GBOT]

February 11. The Ghostbusters attend Mardi Gras after missing the celebration in 1985. Ray falls in love with the ghost of Elizabeth Metairie, who died on the Lady M in 1853. The Ghostbusters help Elizabeth and the Lady M disperse peacefully. [RGB/GBOT]

The Ghostbusters are nearly captured by a spectral bounty hunter sent by "The Ghostmaster" [RGB]

After surviving possession by an earth spirit, the ECTO-1 wins first prize at a classic car show. Eight year old Roland Jackson attends the show, and becomes intrigued by the vehicle and other Ghostbusting technology. [RGB, EGB]

Winston Zeddemore and his father Edward give their heirloom keys to The Collector, allowing the entity to escape the Land of Lost Objects and disperse peacefully. [RGB]

The Ghostbusters are called to a farm in Elmo's Hill, New Jersey, and battle the ghosts of aliens who had crashed there in 1938 [IDW]

April 30. Andrew Ryan Harness is born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He is the nephew of Ryan Harness, who had studied briefly with Peter Venkman and Egon Spengler back in 1973 [GBWC,GBTN]

Tim Bondo graduates Waxhaw High School [GBDP]

Southall Sanitarium is closed down, after a scandal in which the administrator, Thomas Forrester, had been going steadily mad since June 1983. He had ordered numerous "unnecessary surgeries" and even the incineration of patients. [GBOT]

A Ghostbusters franchise is founded in Los Angeles. [GBWC]

In the wake of the disastrous events of the last few months, several protracted lawsuits against the Ghostbusters (some dating back to the Gozer incident of 1983) are brought to court. Rather than go to trial, the team accepts a plea agreement wherein they are slapped with an injunction against acting as paranormal investigators, but are allowed to keep their equipment and the firehouse. [GB2,GBOT]

Having had to give up their lives as Ghostbusters, the team finds new ways to get by. Egon Spengler returns to research, specializing in new theories on psychomagnetheric resonance in human emotional states. Ironically enough, he's hired by Columbia University. Peter Venkman becomes host of a cheesy, low budget TV program called World of the Psychic. Ray Stantz keeps busy as the proprietor of an occult bookstore, and appearing with Winston Zeddemore in Ghostbuster costume at children's parties. Janine is hired by Columbia University as Egon's personal secretary [GB2,GBOT]

Ryan Jackson is born in New York, the fourth of the seven children of Phil and Sharon Jackson [GBOT]

Birth of Scotty Whittington, the son of Jeremy and Cindy Whittington [GBOT/IDW]

Ironically enough, in the fall of 1986, an animated series based on the Ghostbusters' adventures (story edited by noted sci-fi writer J. Micheal Straczynski) is a groundbreaking ratings success.[HA]

1987 [2126 Pisces]
GBOT Year 5
The Fortieth Grand Tribunal of the Order of Hermes. Primus Marangoudakis of Tytalus continues his push for action against the Ghostbusters, but as the company is out of business at this time, the Order sees no need for action. Lady Enlightenment and Dao Jun both attend. [GBOT]

Most of the early franchises of GBI, absent support from the "home office", go out of business in short order. [GBOT, GBWC]

Cliff Roswell moves to Pittburgh, PA. [GBInd]

Zachary Wrent, an amateur ghost hunter, goes to the Columbia House Hotel in search of his deceased aunt, Rachel Leavenworth. Instead of his aunt, he finds the Blue Girl, an amnesiac spirit. He is so certain the spirit is his aunt that she cannot find the heart to correct him. Unable to remember her true identity, the Blue Girl simply calls herself "Rachel Leavenworth" from that point onward. She also begins to claim her birthday is September 28, 1987-- the date Mr. Wrent made contact with her. Zachary gives up ghost hunting soon after and is ordained a Catholic priest.

Tim Bondo enlists in the United States Air Force. In his ten years of service, he receives training in such fields as engineering, metallurgy, chemistry, weaponry, and judo. [GBDP]

November 21. On Egon's thirtieth birthday, he is visited by his half brother Ellis and his neice Jen. Ellis offers him a job with Spengler Labs; Egon refuses [GBOT]

1988 [2127 Pisces]
GBOT Year 6
(GB2 and RGB#1-2)
March 18. Birth of Oscar Wilhelm Wallance to Andre and Dana; the two divorce soon after when Andre gets an offer from a European orchestra that is too good to pass up. Dana has also given up her musical career, and works restoring paintings at the Manhattan Museum of Art under the supervision of Janosz Poha. [GB2,GBOT]

Now relocated in London, Andre meets art reporter Kate Hamilton. They begin dating shortly afterwards [GBOT]

June 16. Birth of Kevin Rivera to NYPD policeman Carlos "Carl" Rivera and his wife Beth. [XGB]

Thomas Forrester, the former administrator of Southall Sanitarium, commits suicide. [GBOT]

Casey Jackson is born in New York, the fifth of the seven children of Phil and Sharon Jackson [XGB]

Nick Hogan is murdered by a robber in front of his younger brother Leon. Seventeen year old Fritz Baugh attends the funeral. The murder is not solved until 2003. [GBWC]

Oscar Wallance is stalked by the undead Carpathian despot Vigo Von Hamburg Deutchendorf, and in the process the crisis leads to the reactivation of Ghostbusters Inc. Louis Tully is hired as accountant and legal adviser, and he and Janine date for a brief time. [GB2]

As a promotional stunt, the Ghostbusters adopt a modified logo with the ghost "Mooglie" holding up two fingers. [GB2]

A second 1959 Miller Meteor is purchased by GBInc. It is registered as "ECTO-1A" and features a flashier design than it's predecessor. The original ECTO-1, its engine unusable, is put into storage. [GB2,GBOT]

The Ghostbusters encounter four criminals from the Twenty-Sixth Century. With the help of their former mentor Sl'g and the ghost of Captain Nemo, the Counter Clock Criminals are defeated and taken back to their own time. [Now]

December. Doc Hazzard makes his annual check on the capsule containing his arch foe Fu Fang, and discovers that Fang is gone! He immediately alerts his old comrade, the Crimson Crimebuster, who later brings in Alan Weinberg, the son of the original Lunar Avenger. [Now]

December 29. Late in the day, some of the pink slime emerges from Dana Barrett's bathtub and attempts to abduct Oscar. Dana flees the apartment with Oscar, and goes to Venkman. {GB2]

December 30: The Ghostbusters realize that Vigo is behind the attempts to kidnap Oscar, but are confined to Parkview Hospital by Mayoral advisor Jack Hardemeyer. Janosz Poha, now deeply under Vigo's control, kidnaps Oscar. {GB2]

December 31. A cloud of black energy fortells Vigo's return. The Ghostbusters are freed, and using Vigo's own weapon--the psychomagnetheric slime--against him, animate the Statue of Liberty and break the shell around the museum just before midnight.

1989 [2128 Pisces]
GBOT Year 7
In the opening hours of 1989, the Ghostbusters defeat Vigo the Carpathian. [GB2]

After New Year's, the registration on the original ECTO-1 expires. The replacement, first registered as ECTO-1A, is reregistered ECTO-1. The team also returns to their original Ghostbuster logo. [GBOT,RGB]

Venkman and Louis sell Columbia and Dan Aykroyd the rights to do another Ghostbusters movie for quick cash to help rebuild the company; Aykroyd and Ramis decide to do an account of the battle with Vigo [GBOT,GB2,HA]

Contact with any surviving GBI franchises is instigated by Venkman and Louis; NOVAGB is fully reactivated. [GBOT]

Venkman, Winston, and Slimer take a brief vacation to South Dakota. [RGB]

Some time after New Year's, a second Vigo painting surfaces in the Manhattan Museum of Art's archives. It also turns out to be ensorcelled, but with Vigo's essence still mostly dispersed and the river of slime dried up, it mostly just rants incoherently. [GBOT, GBVG]

Dana Barrett receives an offer from the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra. After some soul searching, she and Peter decide she should take it, and continue their relationship long distance [GBOT]

A ghost poses as "Doctor McCatheter" to try to poison the Ghostbusters with cursed potato chips. [RGB]

A swamp monster is created by Choate Chemical's illegal "HOS92" chemical. [Now]

Manifestations of Sherlock Holmes and his nemesis Moriarty appear, much like Captain Steel and Doctor Destructo five years earlier [RGB]

Julio Ramanajaan opens the vault of Webby "The Tractor" McBain, releasing both McBain's gang and that of Caesar Caldoni. McBain and his gang are captured by the Ghostbusters, but Caldoni begins to take over the New York underworld. Caldoni also forms an alliance with Fu Fang. [Now]

Slimer wins the lottery, but the money is cursed by undead tycoon Johnathan Tightly, who wants it back! [RGB]

The Ghostbusters meet werewolf Irena Cortez. A group of incompetent cultists working for "The Necromancer" awaken "The Nameless One"; the Ghostbusters convince the mummy to go back to guarding King Tut. [Now]

Janine takes a vacation. While she's gone, Egon gets into trouble twice: first a spectral Southern Belle tries to marry him, then he gets briefly turned into a baby. [RGB]

The Ghostbusters go to Lewistown, where Egon's ancestor Eli bound the witch Kestral in 1689. Kestral has escaped from her containment crystal, and is seeking revenge on the descendants of Lewistown's founders. The witch possesses Egon as part of her scheme, but of course she is defeated and Egon repeats his ancestor's act of binding her in the crystal. [RGB]

The ECTO-4 enters service. [Now]

The Ghostbusters and the Crime Patrol team up to defeat the ghost of Fu Fang and Caesar Caldoni. [Now]

The Ghostbusters stop Nogad's cult at Toad Island. [Now]

Ron Daniels graduates high school at the age of 16 [NOMAD]

Fritz Baugh graduates high school in the top 10% of his class. He attends Purdue University that fall, majoring in physics [GBWC]

The Ghostbusters travel back to 1959, and actually work with the firemen of the Hook and Ladder #8 to foil a ghost invasion. The Hook and Ladder #8, now known as Ghostbusters Central, is certified as a Historic Landmark. [RGB]

Ghostbusters 2, featuring the entire original cast of the first movie, is released. Due to a sloppy contract drafted by Louis Tully, the studio is able to take more liberties with what "really" happened, and some of the Ghostbusters (particularly Janine) are not happy with the finished product. Ghostbusters 2 makes only about half of the original, but is still one of the top movies of 1989. [GBOT,HA,GB2]

Orla Wainwright (maiden name unrevealed) begins attending UCONN, planning to be a Business Major. She attends there four semesters before marrying John Wainwright. [GBDP]

The demon Astorath, with the assistance of necromancer Nathaniel Blaque, attempts to invade Earth using his son Shannon Phillips as a lever. The Ghostbusters free Shannon from Astorath, who is in turn betrayed and apparently destroyed by Blaque. Shannon becomes the ward of Irena Cortez [Now]

The Ghostbusters meet Phineus Eventide, the Prince of Warlocks and Primus of Criamon. [Now, GBOT]

A weird TV set foretells the doom of the Ghostbusters during a thunder storm [RGB]

Brief career of "Venk-Man!" [RGB]

Vincent Belmont, then only fifteen, begins taking classes at Miskatonic University. [GBOT]

Ray attends a reunion at Harry Flashman Junior High, but it turns out to be a trap set by the "Soul Catcher" Fortunately, the other Ghostbusters come to the rescue. [Now]

According to computers in Ghostbusters Central, 7387 entities are confined in the warp space of the Containment Unit [Now]

The New York Ghostbusters journey to Ceratel to fight Nurtog, and have their third encounter with Samhain. Janine officially ends her relationship with Louis Tully [Now]

Halloween. The entity Boogaloo attempts to take over the world before the Ghostbusters stop him. Unbeknownst to the Ghostbusters until later, Samhain escape the Containment Unit during the events, but lays low until the next year. [RGB, Now, GBOT]

Winston takes a well-earned vacation in Florida, [Now]

Jock Mulligan, running on the ticket of the New York State Independent Party, defeats Repbulican Arnie Lapinski and Democrat David Sommer in the Mayoral election. Prior to enlisting Mulligan, the Independents tried to recruit Ghostbuster Peter Venkman. Mulligan succeeds three-term Democrat Lenny Clotch. [GBOT, iB, GBVG]

The Ghostbusters star in "Live! From Al Capone's Tomb!" [RGB]

On Kreen, Kyrie Wheatberry is stung by a silt spider while hunting snozzberries. She gets the help of her thirteen year-old daughter, Coda Monkeyfang, in creating an antidote, but it comes too late and Kyrie dies. Coda is left alone for a time, before she is found and enslaved by the kreen slavers G'Gat and K'Kinb. Coda learns to commune with a primal spirit known as a macetail (resembling an ankylosaur) which gives her the strength to be useful to the kreen. Ignorant about hobbits, the kreen refer to her as their "Goblinchild".

November 14. Birth of Paul Cadonfloyd, the son of Sylvester Cadonfloyd and his wife Dorothy. He is the great grandson of Peter Cadonfloyd, the Fifth Earl of Lungbarrow.[GBOT]

The Ghostmaster come to Earth himself to confront the Ghostbusters. He fails. [RGB]

Encounters with the demonic train enthusiast known as "The Player" and the minions of Spiderlegs. [RGB]

Ray revisits Toad Island. [Now]

Egon and Janine encounter a troll at the Stromboli Circus. [Now].

Gargoyles try to ruin one of Winston and Kaila's dates, but Slimer stops them. [Now]

1990 [2129 Pisces]
GBOT Year 8
(RGB Season 6 and issues 20-28)
Egon frees Janine from the power of the Makeoverus Lotsabucks, and they officially become a couple. [RGB]

Ray teaches the demon Gorgar how to do stage magic [RGB]

The Ghostbusters recieve an urgent communication from their friend Spike of Ceratel, telling them that Nurtog, the Sleeping Tyrant, has returned. With the help of the Legion of the Lost and the Crime Patrol, Nurtog is stopped for good this time. [Now]

The Ghostbusters accept--and barely fail--a challenge by Jeffers Marston to stay in the extremely haunted Heck House. Without their proton packs. [RGB]

The demon Karro Zands attempts to trap the Ghostbusters at a fake theme park, "Ghost World" [RGB]

Winston uncovers the scheme of Rowan Schow at the Rialto Theatre; the Ghostbusters put a stop to it. [Now]

Three trash-talking teenage mutant lizards terrorize New York before being trapped in Egon's VR machine. [RGB]

The Ghostbusters free the inhabitants of Greentown, New York, who'd been frozen in time since 1942. The ghosts of the inhabitants disperse peacefully. [Now]

Dr. Albert Roberts founds another of GBI's most enduring franchises, the Middle Tennessee Ghostbusters (MTGB) [GBTN]

Amy ("A.J.") Jackson is born in New York, the sixth of the seven children of Phil and Sharon Jackson [GBOT]

June. Oliver P. White and Jay Martin Born in Oxford, UK [GBOX]

The Ghostbusters go to Russia, to stop Vladimir Maximov and Dimitri Melyakov's cult from freeing one of the Great Old Ones using another copy of the Necronomicon. [RGB]

Lady Enlightenment, Barney Lupin, and Lilly Peacecraft enter into a working relationship with Father Diego Portenza. Portenza is a functionary of the Catholic Church; the group is informally dubbed "The Inquisitors" the next year. [GBOT]

The secretive government agency ARMOR asks for the Ghostbusters help in recovering a lost prototype armored train and its crew. [Now]

July 1. Josiah Nodus arrives in 1990 from the year 2003 in an alternate timeline (10211). After making a fortune in the stock market, he buys up the remaining assets of Grossjuck Industries, including Grossjuck Plaza. Nodus International begins building its influence in the business community. [GBOT]

July 17. Alberto Rivera, a member of the NYPD, originally from Mexico, is killed in the line of duty by small-time hood Sandy Drake. He is survived by his wife Carlota, sons Carlos and Eduardo, as well as a grandson, Kevin. [GBOT,XGB]

Dr. Norman "Professor Dweeb" Draverhaven escapes from the mental hospital, and forms an alliance with "The Glob" to free Norman's old enemy, The Sleaze, from the GBInc. Ecto Containment Unit. [RGB,GBOT]

The Ghostbusters discover that the Boogeyman escaped the Containment Unit the previous Halloween; when they find him, they're able to capture him again, because he's still molecularly unstable. [Now]

The Ghostbusters hold a charity road rally. They go on a vacation soon after; Ray and Venkman end up briefly possessed by the spirits of Anshar and Kishar. [RGB]

Egon, on a date with Janine, meets her cousin Michelle Jacobs and her son Alec. The two Ghostbusters find themselves sent back to 1840, where they must prevent the plans of the witch Genevra from coming to fruition. [Now]

The Ghostbusters discover Samhain escaped the previous year when they uncover him handing out candy as a kindly old man. The Ghostbusters stop his plan by overload his energy flow as he was attempting to link both the Earth plane and the spirit world--but he's dispersed, not contained. [Now]

Lawrence Tully's eighth birthday party is held at Ghostbusters Central. [RGB]

A Tiamat cult tries to put subliminal messages in the background music at a 2Crew Run DOA Humpers concert. The Ghostbusters stop it from happening [GBOT]

1991 [2130 Pisces/ 1 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 9
(RGB Season 7 and RGB Vol.2)
Ray joins Charlie Venkman on a journey to Mexico. They encounter the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl. [RGB]

The Ghostbusters are drawn into the "Maze of Time" and discover the fate of paranormal researcher J.H. Tobin. Tobin, having been the "Chronicler of the Spirits" for the mysterious "Council of Eight" since around 1924, appears to die at the hands of the entity "Evil." [Now, GBI, GBOT]

Death of legendary comic book artist Frank Bancroft, co-creator of "Super Gods" and other popular comics in a career spanning five decades [IDW]

The Ghostbusters journey to Japan to deal with a manifestation of the movie monster Lizardo. [RGB]

The Egyptian god Apshai is prevented from destroying New York by the Ghostbusters. [RGB]

March. The Ghostbusters are summoned to the Pentagon, and discover a lost device created by Egon's mentor Ian Epimethius. Use of the device accidentally sets the Peoplebusters loose on Earth, and causes the brief return of Professor Epimethius. After the Ghostbusters defeat the Peoplebusters, Epimethius takes them back to the "Flip Side", having decided that he was needed there in a way he wasn't on Earth. [Now, GBOT]

Unbeknownst until much later, Epimethius drifts in the dimensional vortex frozen in a single moment for at least seven years. [GBOT/GBWC]

The Ghostbusters are contacted by the mysterious businessman Josiah Nodus to undertake a lucrative errand in Transylvania. They are told that the man they are to help his aide contact, Baron Igor Vashnivski, may very well be a vampire. Upon meeting Vashnivski, his undead nature is soon verified, as he is attacked by a group nicknamed "The Inquisitors": Father Diego Portenza (a Catholic priest); Lady Enlightenment (Liz Hawthorne, a Hermetic mage of House Quaesitor); Bernard Lupin (a Werewolf of the Bone Gnawer Tribe); Lilly Peacecraft (a young psychic); and Sergei Kalashnikov, a brutal gunman. Kalashnikov is revealed as Vashnivski's descendant, Anatole Vashnivski, and in punishment the Baron embraces him. The Ghostbusters and Inquisitors are allowed to leave peacefully [GBOT]

Andre Wallance, Oscar's biological father, marries his second wife, art reporter Kate Hamilton. The Wallances settle into a Georgian terrace off of Sloane Road in Chelsea, an upper middle class neighborhood of London. [GBOT]

The "Spooktacular" show begins its fourteen year run at Universal Studios Florida. Newlywed Orla Wainwright moves to Orlando with her husband, John, and begins working on the show before the character is written out a couple of seasons later. After that, she serves as Coordination Manager. [HA, GBDP]

June 21. The Ghostbusters and Inquisitors stop the entities known as "The Zodiac Lords", but in the process Phineus Eventide sacrifices his life and Earth's PK matrix is seriously damaged; supernatural activity dries up almost completely, ruining GBInc's business. Vincent Belmont and Kylie Griffin are two of the people possessed by the entities; Photographer and paranormal investigator Ben King witnesses the first manifestation, capturing one of the creatures on film. [GBOT,GBAD,GBUK]

Lady Enlightenment, Barney Lupin, and Lilly Peacecraft end their association with the Father Portenza, and "The Inquisitors" dissolve. Lady Enlightenment is invited to Dragonsfall Regio by Fallagar, and remains there for almost three years. Barney and Lilly's go back to Las Vegas, where they lived before the Inquisitors form; Barney strikes it rich on a casino slot machine.[GBOT]

The demon D'Orka manifests at a July 4th comic convention. The Ghostbusters defeat it with the help of the ghost of comic book legend Frank Bancroft [IDW]

In an attempt to revitalize GBI and get good press, the Ghostbusters invite three prospective Ghostbusters International franchisees--Maddie Collins, Chad Fuller, and Bryan Welch--to New York to undergo training and evaluation.[GBVG/IDW]

Gozer cultist Ivo Shandor's spirit manifests; having sensed the ectosphere's depletion, he makes a last, desperate attempt to summon Gozer and destroy the world. Dr. Ilyssa Selwyn, one of his biological descendants, is part of his plan. He is stopped by the Ghostbusters. [GBVG]

After the Shandor incident, Maddie Collins, Chad Fuller, and Bryan Welch leave New York. Welch becomes the founder of a GBI franchise in Chicago, but it eventually fails; Collins and Fuller's activities after this point are unknown. [IDW/GBOT]

Janine Melnitz is injured during a bust, and suffers a concussion clouding much of her memory over the last year and a half--most notably in regards to the development of her relationship with Egon. Faced with this heartbreak and the plummeting profits caused by the PK drought, Egon unilaterally acts (as a founding member) to deactivate GBInc. [GBOT]

After the demise of Ghostbusters, Ray Stantz accepts a position at Stanford. Egon Spengler elects to remain in New York, living in the firehouse to keep an eye on the containment unit. Janine beings a rebound romance with Louis Tully [GBOT,XGB]

What few GBI franchises that exist are once again left without a parent company, though Spengler does offer occasional advice or equipment maintenance services from New York. Due to the drought of PKE, all franchises struggle and most either shut down or become dormant. [GBOT,XGB]

The year 1991 AD is officially recognized as the First Year of the Age of Aquarius by the "Children of Zodiac" and the Tribunal of the Order of Hermes. A faction of the Order of Hermes blames the Ghostbusters for the paranormal drought and thus the wizards' loss of power. [GBOT]

December 21. Winston Zeddemore marries longtime girlfriend Kaila MacMillan. Janine and Louis are the only former employees of Ghostbusters to attend. [GBOT]

Over the next few years the Zeddemores would move to Montana, near Winston's sister. Winston would get his pilot's license and make a living with a commuter airline. [XGB]

1992 [2 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 10
Rose Lockyer buys her great granddaughter Kylie a cat, which she names Pagan. [XGB, GBOT]

February. Birth of John Gabriel Vernon; his mother Christine is a friend of Mick Nielson [GBWC]

Seeing the closing of GBNY as a business opportunity, engineer Ron Alexander opens his own ghost hunting company, Ghostsmashers. Alexander hires three women--Lou Kamaka, Jenny Moran, and Dani Shpak--to serve as his fellow Ghostsmashers. Due to the drought of paranormal energy, however, the company goes under within a year. [IDW, GBOT]

Marriage of Peter Venkman and Dana Barrett. Ray, Janine, and Louis attend; Winston attends alone, as his wife is now pregnant. [GBOT]

Peter Venkman begins working as an agent for Columbia Pictures; Catharine Bartholomew is his first "discovery". Venkman also befriends director Jon Dennison. By 1997 Venkman runs his own agency, and is shopping around concepts for Ghostbusters 3 (The project never gets off the ground because Bill Murray and Brad Pitt both decline to play Venkman) [XGB,GBOT,GBWC]

Egon Spengler begins serving as a parapsychology instructor at New York City Community College; he meets Dr. Edward Kirillian, another paranormal researcher with "unusual" ideas, and senior member of NYCCC's parapsychology department. In specific, he believes that three crystal Toltec skulls can be used to enslave supernatural entities. [XGB]

Navyman Jim Aberdeen and his wife Pauline divorce. Jim moves to Los Angeles, and remarries at some point prior to 1996; Pauline and her daughter move to Avon, Indiana, a small town west of Indianapolis. That fall, Chelsea Aberdeen meets Geoff Sheppard, a student in the same Advance Placement classes. Within two years, they start dating. [GBWC]

Fallagar visits Kreen, and discovers the fate of his former companion Kyrie Wheatberry; Wheatberry's daughter Coda Monkeyfang returns with him to Dragonsfall, and awkwardly befriends some of the covenant staff, most notably fellow halfling Terchi Bagwise. [GBOT]

December 18. Birth of the first (biological) Ghostbuster offspring, Charlene Zeddemore, to Winston and his wife Kaila [GBOT]

1993 [3 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 11
Otter becomes unemployed, and starts living on the streets of Los Angeles [GBWC]

Ben King Sr.'s friend Andy is murdered by a demonic entity in the London Underground [GBUK]

April 1. Jessica Margaret Venkman is born to Peter and Dana. Dana's son Oscar Wallance (the newborn's half-brother) suggests the name. [GBOT]

Janine Melnitz marries Louis Tully on June 6. She's convinced within a month that it was a mistake, but stubbornly tries to make it work for some three years--though by 1996 she is living separately from him and in 1997 files for divorce. [GBOT]

At some point during this period, Janine works for the DMV and befriends Rose Prevost. Rose is decidedly unimpressed by Louis. [GBWC]

June 8. On the tenth anniversary of the opening of Ghostbusters Inc. Egon Spengler is tested by Sarim-Lar, Lord of the Izumo, and Voice of Knowledge. He passes the tests, but declines the creature's offer of power and knowledge. Sarim-Lar is subsequently destroyed by Nodus, who had expected Spengler to take the offer. [GBOT]

At some point between 1993 and 1996, Egon decides that Kirillian is too unstable a researcher and ends his relationship with him. [XGB]

Republican Edwin McShane is elected Mayor of New York, defeating incumbent Jock Mulligan. McShane had previously served as a District Attorney, most famously securing the injunction against GBInc in 1986. [GBVG,EGB, GBOT]

1994 [4 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 12
Feb. 12. Hayden Benjamin Wallance is born to Andre and Kate [GBOT]

Joseph ("Joey") Jackson is born in New York, the last of the seven children of Phil and Sharon Jackson [GBOT]

Twelve year old Mike Devicente became a victim of ghostly possession when he found a teddy bear behind his fatherís tool shed. He took it home and within a few days, he believed himself to be a 6 year old girl named Polly. Luckily, Mikeís family figured out the source of the possession was the teddy bear, and Mike returned to normal when his older brother set it on fire. [GBWC]

Patty Tolan graduates high school; she moves to New York City where her maternal grandparents live, and gets a job with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) [GBOT, GBATC]

Lilly Peacecraft, living in Vegas with Barney Lupin, starts hearing the voices of the spirits for the first time since the Zodiac incident. They compel her to go to Palo Alto to contact Ray Stantz; she and Lupin leave to do so. [GBOT]

The 2 Crew Run DOA Humpers release I Wuz Set Up By the Man, but sales are flattened by scandal: MC Wink's mother, Lucretia Bottomsby, is interviewed by Celebrity magazine, and reveals that his real name is Percival Bottomsby III, and he was raised by rich shipping magnates, as opposed to his official, "street credible" biography which details his life as a crack orphan. [GBOT]

June 8. Thaydarr Stalker, an undead Death Knight and old enemy of Fallagar, leads an attack on Dragonsfall Regio; fearing it's about to fall, Liz and Tarantula teleport to Earth using a "return stone". Liz asks it to take her to Ray Stantz, and it does. Ray and Liz have some time to spend because due to Earth's lack of PKE; the return stone needs time to recharge. Barney and Lilly, following Lilly's prophetic visions, arrive at Stanford that same day, and an unexpected Inquisitors reunion occurs. Barney meets Mariko Fuyuno, one of Ray's students. [GBOT]

June 9. Liz, Ray, and Barney journey back to the Regio, and with the help of four of Fallagar's assistants--Styx, Terchi Bagwise, Coda Monkeyfang, and Dulk--drive out Stalker's forces [GBOT]

Liz decides to return to Earth to stay, and she and Ray begin dating seriously. Barney similarly begins a relationship with Mariko Fuyuno, one of Ray's grad students. [GBOT]

Ray's contract with Stanford is not renewed; he accepts an offer to do pyrokinetic research at the University of Idaho. Liz moves there with him. On October 14th, the day after Ray's 35th birthday, they become engaged to be married. [XGB/GBOT]

November. Captain Steel #350 is released, celebrating the character's thirtieth anniversary. It's especially poignant as the book had very nearly been canceled in 1984. In accordance with the standards of the day, the comic is released with ten gatefold holofoil variant that include trading cards. [GBOT/RGB]

Ray meets Liz's nephew, Jay Brushett, and the two quickly form a bond [GBOT/CGB]

1995 [5 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 13
January. Ray and Liz visit Tegan Fielding at Nigrasaxa. Zephyranthes (Eric Collins) gives Ray and Liz a "good luck charm" of his own creation as a wedding present. [GBOT]

February 24. Lars Richard Wallance, the second child of Andre and Kate Wallance (and thus Andre's third son) is born. His half-brother Oscar is the step son of former Ghostbuster Peter Venkman. [GBOT]

Near the end of Ray's first year at the University of Idaho, a botched pyrokinesis experiment causes damage to a laboratory. The University does not extend Ray's contract. [GBOT/XGB]

Roland Jackson graduates high school; that fall, he enrolls at New York City Community College. [XGB]

May 28. Ray Stantz marries Liz Hawthorne. Venkman and Winston, along with Winston's wife Kaila, attend--Oscar was still in first grade, and Charlene Zeddemore stayed in New York with her paternal grandparents and her cousin Patty Tolan. Janine, unable to take off time from work and having difficulties with Louis, is unable to attend. [GBOT]

Shortly thereafter, the newlyweds move to Denver, Colorado, and Ray is employed by Perpetual Motors [GBOT, XGB]

Ben King Sr. meets Iain Bennett and Tommy Simpson, laying the groundwork for the formation of SPRIG (and later, the GBUK)[GBUK]

Janine Melnitz, having been laid off by the DMV, works in daycare. Around this time, the last of her pre-1991 memories resurface, including the full truth about her relationship with Egon. She moves out of Louis' apartment, stays with Rose (who has also been laid off) for a time, and files for separation. [GBOT]

Vincent Belmont takes the Oath of Bonisagus, becoming an official magus of the Order of Hermes' House Bonisagus [GBAD]

Ron Daniels graduates UGA with a Masters Degree in History [NOMAD]

The 2 Crew Run DOA Humpers release 2 Kul 2 Spel Rite, and reach record sales due to the controversy over the single "Respect Us Or We Shoot You", which features a lurid video in which the Crew tour a nice suburb and machinegun anything that moves. At the peak of their popularity, MC Wink and Wally Weaselpants have a difference of "creative vision" that somehow leads to Wink threatening Weaselpants with a Glock. Wink is sentenced to a year in prison, where he meets his "protege" Matthew "Zagnut" Marshall. [GBOT/GBWC]

1996 [6 Aquarius]
GBOT Year 14
February 9. Kylie Griffin's grandmother, Rose Nelson Lockyer, dies. Kylie, already a budding new-age spiritualist and Ghostbuster scholar, intensifies her studies into the supernatural in hopes of contacting her grandmother's ghost. [XGB]

Kate Wallance's third pregnancy ends in a miscarriage [GBOT]

Kylie Griffin, Eduardo Rivera, and Garrett Miller all graduate high school. Each enrolls at New York City Community College, but none meet each other until January of 1997. [XGB]

London, England. Martin Anderson, an English solicitor involved in Labour Party politics, marries Lisa Jane Cadonfloyd, a botanist and the daughter of Colin Cadonfloyd: her grandfather is the fifth Duke of Lungbarrow, Peter Cadonfloyd. The newlyweds settle in a converted Victorian terrace in Edgerton Gardens, in the upper middle class London neighborhood of Chelsea. [GBOT]

July 26. Eric Elwood Stantz is born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to Ray and Liz Stantz [GBOT]

July 26. Zephyranthes of Nigrasaxa Covenant, born two hundred and thirty-four years earlier as Eric Collins of Hertfordshire, passes away.[GBOT]

July 26. The magical animal "Panther Panther", who had been imprisoned in a containment vessel decades earlier, escapes the confinement with Zephyranthes's death. She remains unable to access her full power, however, and is soon located by Ahagotsu. [GBOT]

The Hicks family, including Jeremy, moves to Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico. [GBWC]

On the expanding new technology known as "the Internet", fan sites devoted to the careers of the Ghostbusters start to open [HA]

Geoff Sheppard dies in a freak car accident the night of the prom he was supposed to attend with Chelsea Aberdeen.. At some point prior to 2004, Dorothy becomes aware that he, too, was murdered by Lucindra's curse. [GBWC]

Bill Malkin, Dave Mallozzi, and Tim Mabes encounter the Jersey Devil while on a camping trip in the Pine Barrens of South Jersey. They become interested in the paranormal, and form the Jersey Devil Paranormal Society Club. [GBNJ]

College student Mick Nielson, attending school in Tampa, FL, stumbles upon a werewolf hiding in the woods nearby. He aids agents of the Shadow Chasers in capturing the creature, and is inducted into their team afterward. [GBSC]

Maryland science student Will Ketcham forms his own paranormal investigation society; a fan of the now defunct Ghostbusters, he names his group "Maryland Ghostbusters" [GBInd,GBWC]

Scott Aberdeen is born. "Scotty" is the son of James Aberdeen and his second wife, Clara. [GBWC]

Joanie Wainwright is born, the daughter of John and Orla Wainwright. [GBDP]

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