Trusty Vehicle of the original and Extreme Ghostbusters

"I found the car!"--Dr. Ray Stantz, June, 1983

Personal Timeline of the ECTO-1
General Motors manufactures thousands of Miller Meteors under the Cadillac imprint. One of these is purchased by the firefighters of the Hook and Ladder No.8 firehouse in Tribecca, New York, and is driven by them while repelling a ghost invasion

Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Ray Stantz, and Dr. Egon Spengler are fired from Columbia University, and form Ghostbusters Inc. Their headquarters is the same firehouse occupied by the Hook and Ladder No.8. Stantz purchases a decrepit 1959 Miller Meteor for $4800; the car is renovated, repainted, and equipped with arrays of experimental electronic gear and flashy lights and sirens. It is registered with the New York Department of Motor Vehicles as "ECTO-1"

ECTO-1 is briefly possessed by a nature spirit

Ghostbusters Inc. is forced from business. Ray keeps the ECTO-1, and over the next couple of years drives it to appearances at children's parties. Unable to adequately maintain it, wear and tear begin to affect it more and more

Late in the year, Ghostbusters Inc. reactivates. The original ECTO-1 is retired; the Ghostbusters purchase a second Miller Meteor, and it is outfitted similarly to the first, though with more extravagant lights and promotional markings. Because the original ECTO-1's registration is still valid, the new vehicle is registered as "ECTO-1A"

Stantz, reluctant to sell the original ECTO-1, has it placed in storage.

The ECTO-1A is reregistered ECTO-1 as the original car's registration expires

Late 1991
Ghostbusters Inc. is dissolved once more. The second ECTO-1 falls into disrepair as Egon Spengler takes possession of the firehouse, and he cannibalizes some of the equipment from the roof rack for his experiments

The "Extreme" Ghostbusters form. The ECTO-1 is restored to operating condition and renovated to include a ramp for disabled Ghostbuster Garrett Miller.

Ghostbusters Nightsquad sets a certain amount of Ghostbusters International tradition by aquiring a 1959 Miller Meteor to serve as their vehicle.

Ghostbusters Arcane Division forms. Venkman offers the original ECTO-1 to them as their vehicle, which angers Stantz somewhat. Ray is placated by being allowed to oversee the car's restoration.

Venkman procures yet another 1959 Miller Meteor for the newly-formed Ghostbusters West Coast. Dubbed the "ECTO-1N", it's lights and promotional markings are patterned after the ECTO-1A of 1988-1991

Ghostbusters Tampa Division aquires the car that appears as the "ECTO-1A" in Universal Studios "Spooktacular" show.

The second ECTO-1 is retired, and donated to the Smithsonian. It is replaced with a "replivehicle" designed to mimic the 1959 Miller Meteor's design.

Known Miller Meteors employed by Ghostbusters International

Purchased 1983 by Ray Stantz; now the vehicle of the Arcane Division


Purchased 1988. Was reregistered as "ECTO-1" in 1989, and served as GBNY's vehicle until its retirement in 2019. Donated to the Smithsonian.


Purchased 2003 by Peter Venkman. Employed by GBWC North Team 2003-2004; redesignated "ceremonial vehicle" in 2005

Prototype of the replivehicle line; when it becomes the official car of GBNY in 2020, it is reregistered as "ECTO-1"


Purchased by Bo Holbrook in late 1997. Has been the vehicle of Ghostbusters: Nightsquad ever since.

Not to be confused with the helicopter used by GBNY, this is the designation of the car used by Tampa Division. Before that, it was the ECTO-1A used in the Universal Studios "Spooktacular" show.

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