One of the greatest movies of all time was Ghostbusters. It was followed up with one of the greatest cartoons of all time, The Real Ghostbusters (one of the most successful Movie-to-TV translations EVER). The mix of comedy, horror, and weird science was white-hot in the Eighties, and still maintains a loyal fan following to this day!!!

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May 13, 2009
Well, it's the sixth anniversary of the Ectozone, but no big announcements this year. No makeovers, no changes to the page file types. Well, okay, there's The Eye of Aretpo, Part 4, with the next generation of Ghostbusters to be. Eric's secret is revealed, and the maniacal Zoraldo presents the team with an impossible choice. Plus there's some jokes and stuff.

Anyway, with the Video Game upon us, I want to apologize to everyone for my "freak out" (as Jen Spengler put it).

I'm not going to lie to you--there's still a lot of things in this game that, if they work out the way that it sounds, I'm just simply not going to use or acknowledge. If you've been reading my stories, and enjoy the take on the backstory I've built grounded on The Real Ghostbusters, Extreme Ghostbusters, the Now Comics, Ghostbusters: Legion, and the work of brilliant fan writers like Rosey Collins, Vincent Belmont, and Ben King, it's not going to change. If you're disappointed that I'm not going to put in Ilyssa Selwyn or The Rookie or Gozer in 1991 or Vigo somehow back in a painting, well, I respect your disagreement, but try to understand my point of view: It's just not feasible to uproot eighteen years of continuity for this.

Play the game. Enjoy it. I'm over the Asshole Fan phase where I resented that idea. I completely understand your excitement even if I don't share it: twenty years ago, when the hype machine was in overdrive over Ghostbusters 2, it was everywhere. If you're too young to remember it, soak it in--it's something a lot of us never expected to happen again.

That being said, some changes to the Timelines are in the works, which I hope to have ready for June 8th. Nothing in the Timeline as it stands right now is going to change...but at the same time, the Video Game, and the possible Ghostbusters 3 that may follow it, need some acknowledgement. I hope everyone will be satisfied with what I have in mind.

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--Fritz V. Baugh

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