Pick A Timeline

Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline Classic

The original Timeline that started it all, melding the two movies, The Real Ghostbusters, Extreme Ghostbusters, and the Now Comics into one semicoherent continuity. Forms the basis of Ectozone fan fic continuity, but some differences have appeared over the years.

Ghostbusters International

A supplemental Timeline specific to the Ectozone fan fiction continuity, or, as it refers to itself, "Timeline 8932".

Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline--New Version

Established for the Twenty-fifth Anniversary, dedicated to the "new" continuity formed by Ghostbusters: The Video Game, the comics from 88MPH, Tokyopop, and IDW, and the possible Ghostbusters 3.

I haven't updated this in a while; the ending of the "Mass Hysteria" miniseries in 2014 basically gave me a massive headache when thinking about how to deal with the massive retcon it introduced. Anyway, this is what the Ectozone multiverse considers "timeline 1423", more or less.

Others To Come?

I've certainly got enough data to do a basic timeline of the Answer the Call universe ("timeline 8016" in Ectozone terms, "80-C" in IDW terms). In addition to the movie itself, the tie-in book Ghosts From Our Past fills in Abby and Erin's backstory, and the IDW ATC miniseries also adds some possibilities.

I won't rule out doing a timeline based on Ghostbusters: Afterlife (or "timeline 681"), though as it would only contain three movies, and possibly the 2009 video game (at the present time, it's not clear if it counts it.) it would be best handled as a separate timeline.

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