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Revised and compiled with new info by Dr. Riddle (10/03/03).

List originally complied by: Cindy Rancourt, and posted at Labidolemur's Ghostbusters Fan Fiction Review and then modified by contribution from RBG gen Fan Fiction list.

"I dedicate this list to two parties, my good friends who either helped me on this insane task or simply posted on a day to day basis on the message boards, and the people who created the Ghostbusters phenomenon for which this fact list attempts to chronicle every fact concerning the Ghostbusters, their tools and their talents."
-Ben King, A.K.A. Kingpin

Special Thanks: Dr. Riddle and Fritz Baugh for helping provide info and insights into the guys, this updated list wouldn't be here today without your help!

Compiler's Note:
The current facts are gathered from the Ghostbusters movies, Real and Extreme Ghostbusters and the Real Ghostbusters Comics by NOW Comics. I have chosen which facts were worth mentioning and have tried my best to leave out facts that contradict. Cindy Rancourt compiled the original list.

Updated Dec. 10, 2007: At long last, facts from the Ghostbusters: Legion comics from 88MPH Studios and the Ghostbusters: The Return novel have been added. As these works were not created with the RGB/EGB continuity (or each other) in mind, they have been placed in seperate sections. Many of the facts therein would conflict with the earlier continuity, and fan fictions based on it; I've tried to note those conflicts as much as possible.

C/N: Compiler's Note
F/N: Factual Note

Note to writers/readers: This Fact List considers that the first Ghostbusters movie occurred in 1983; it also considers that Ghostbusters II occurred in 1988, consistant with the Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline

Dr. Peter Venkman

Dr. Ray Stantz

Dr. Egon Spengler

Winston Zeddemore

Janine Melnitz


Louis Tully

Dana Barrett

Walter Peck

Minor Characters

Paranormal Entities

Common Ghostly Terminology

Occult Reference Net



Places of Interest

C/N I would like to thank the following people, they are in no specific order but have contributed in some way to the current standing of the Ghostbusters Fact List.

Fritz Baugh
Matthew Riddle (Dr. Riddle)
Sheila Paulson
Cindy Rancourt
Iain Bennett (Sinister)
Miss Janine
Justin Anderson
The Ghostbusters Fan Forum Members for their inspiring fiction
The Fiction writers for their inspiring fiction

And last, but none the least...

Dr. Peter Venkman
Dr. Egon Spengler
Dr. Raymond Stantz
Mr. Winston Zeddemore
Ms. Janine Melnitz
Mr. Louis Tully
Ms. Dana Barrett

Dan Aykroyd
Harold Ramis
J. Michael Straczynski
Richard Mueller
Michael Reaves
Larry DiTillo
Sebastien Clavet
Andrew Dabb
Mark Brooks
Billy Dallas Patton
Steve Kurth
Serge LaPointe
Edgar Delgado
James Van Hise
John Tobias
Sholly Fisch
Steve Roman
Kyle Stevens

Very Special Thanks to the above names for not only creating, nurturing and expanding the Ghostbusters universe, for which this fact list is based upon, it, and all it stands for would not exist if it weren't for you guys!

C/N Here is a series of web links to sources of information that have in one way or another updated the Fact List from the original Ghostbusters Canon List.

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