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Author:  EGBFan [ January 18th, 2015, 6:21 pm ]
Post subject:  EGB Actor Interviews

This is an interview with Tara from 1998, mostly about EGB, which possibly everyone has seen already and then forgotten about. Or possibly not. The page has a broken link to the Ghostbusters Fan Forum - a site I do not know the history of at all. Anyway, the interview survives, and here I am posting the link.


I think this interview is just marvellous. Tara basically tells us that she really enjoyed working on the show, the cast got along well together and she thought Kylie was a wonderful role to play. What's more, I believe her! She totally gets it, which is always nice to see from an actor, and her answers are concise and massively sensible.

She also says that she enjoyed her (then) recent role in Sabrina Goes to Rome. I only saw that a couple of years ago (when the Sabrina box set finally came out in this country), and I thought it was pretty terrible (for all sorts of reasons) - but Tara's reasons for enjoying the making of it make so much sense.

I particularly appreciate the couple of questions and answers on the Eduardo relationship, and I like to believe that Jason Marsden is as fun and nice as Tara makes him sound. I've always believed that a lot of effort and understanding went into the voice work on the show, and it's nice to see something like this, where an actor really expresses her pride and enthusiasm. So it wasn't a massive hit in the end - I, at least, love it to this day and appreciate everything that went into it. Bless you, Tara, and all your former co-stars. 8-)

Author:  EGBFan [ January 24th, 2015, 10:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: EGB Actor Interviews

This thread was previously entitled 'Tara Charendoff Interview'; I changed it because it seemed an appropriate place for my comments on the (relatively) recent podcast Rino Romano interview with Cross the Streams: LINK

In many ways, it was a delight to listen to this. It reminded me of Tara's interview because it carries the same pride and enthusiasm that her print interview conveys - and this is a frightening number of years later. In other ways, it's a little frustrating! I don't want to sound rude BUT - the interviewer doesn't seem to have very clear memories of the show, and seems to look at everything with RGB pretext (the only episode mentioned is 'Back in the Saddle'). Sort of makes me wish I could interview Rino and ask some really insightful questions about Eduardo! :mrgreen:

Even so, he manages to work some fascinating things into his answers. Clearly he loves the character and absolutely understands him, and it warms my heart to know that he still feels that way after all these years.

The sound quality is not fabulous, and I couldn't hear every single word. Oh well. Highlights for me include:
- Rino's steering away from the question about Eduardo 'filling the Venkman role' (no thank you) to tell us how he really felt about the character.
- the story of several call-backs and rejections, and the accompanying emotions, finishing up with a funny story about when he met Jason Marsden at his first recording.
- the comment that the show is (to paraphrase) not just about the ghost of the week, but the relationships between the characters - YES!
- the comment on the Eduardo/Kylie relationship (which unfortunately was not brought up in the question).
- Rino's reaction to the news that Kylie was recently introduced in the IDW comic (gives an idea of the time); it is so genuinely joyful, it's my favourite thing in the world right at this moment.

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