Extreme Ghostbusters: What Did You Think?
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Author:  Sandra [ October 14th, 2016, 3:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Extreme Ghostbusters: What Did You Think?

Okay, I re-watched all episodes of „Extreme Ghostbusters“ in the original language. Thanks for the sleepless nights. ;)

Btw.: If you can’t find a show on Youtube in good quality, check out – you might get lucky there.

I do agree with you that EGB is better in English.Even though I do not see a big difference when it comes to Eduardo’s, Garrett’s and Roland’s acting, a lot of times the translation kills jokes (which is barely the translator’s fault, but still).

And with some characters I noticed differences, too.

Kylie: I like her much better now. As I said: I never understood why she is so many people’s favorite. Now I see. She is a very ambivalent character who is torn between her no-bullshit-attitude and her good-hearted-nature. The German Actress does not seem to get that.

Janine: I like the German version but the English Actress makes it more believable that the “Laura-Summer”-Janine could have developed to this Janine given the fact that a few years have passed and she went through rough times.

Egon: Oh, well, Egon… Even though I am still annoyed that his relationship to Janine was reset to zero, he obviously has forgotten everything that happened between them and did not even know that she loved him, I have to agree that Maurice LaMarche does a much better job in portraying him and his emotions. I am not blaming the German Voice Actor. Let’s be fair: Letting a character like Egon show emotions without portraying him out of character is very hard. LaMarche can do it, because – let’s face it: If there is a person except Ramis that IS Egon Spengler, it is Maurice Lamarche. “The Crawler” was better in English. I could see why some people interpreted Egon’s behavior as Jealousy and even though his “I love you” was far from heartfelt, his “Don’t leave me” sounded desperate and sincere.

Despite the some irritating things it is a good show that can be recommended to GB-Fans.

Author:  Miss Janine [ April 30th, 2019, 9:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Extreme Ghostbusters: What Did You Think?

My only problem is that, for some reason, I can't stand Eduardo. Every time he says one of his catchphrases ("Maybe he's dead" or "I'm a scientist"), I wish Kylie would choke him with the cord from the trap. Needed more Egon/Janine, anyway. And I really wish it would get a full-series DVD release.

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