Normal Day part 5
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Post subject:  Normal Day part 5

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It was a cold raining day at the firehouse. The guys had pulled up after a long morning and part of the afternoon of calls. Winston put the ghosts in the containment unit while Peter took a shower. Ray put the checks down on Janine's desk.

"This day went by very fast and I'm glad that we caught the ghosts. Hey Janine, do you mind taking the checks down to the bank for us?" Ray inquired.

Janine nodded her head. "Sure, Ray. I'll take them down to the bank. It's not like i have anything else to do around here."

The guys sat around talking to each other for a little while longer until it was time for Ray to go home. After saying good night to the guys and Slimer; he got into his car and left.

An half-hour later, Ray pulled up to his home. He got out of his car and went inside.

As he entered the living room, Elaine came towards him and gave him a hug and a kiss while Cj and Jules waited for their turn.

"How was work, dear?" Elaine asked while she hung Ray's coat up on the hanger downstairs. Ray smiled "it went by pretty fast; the whole morning was filled with calls and some of the afternoon too as well. I'm just glad to be home with you and the kids."

"That's wonderful, Ray." Elaine replied as she petted Dude and Fluffy who were sitting right by the door in the living room. They both jumped into Ray's lap and began purring contently while Ray started to pet them.

"Hey, guys," Ray smiled at them while they sat on his lap. CJ and Jules greeted Ray too. "Hi, Dad!" They said while giving him a hug and about to show their English and science tests papers.

Ray smiled again "Hey,kids. How are you guys doing?"

Jules replied "We're good and do you want to see our English and science test papers we took? I have gotten A+s on both while CJ got an A and a B too."

Ray exclaimed "Wow that is very good. Your Mom and I are so proud of you two!"

Both Jules and CJ said "Thanks, Dad. We're going to give the cats a bath because We and Mom thought they smelled a little funny and she asked us to give them a bath."

"Oh and I thought cats gave themselves a bath but since they smelled funny I'll help you guys with them." Ray said as the kids got the cats together; pet shampoo and towels and headed to the basement.

After bathing the cats, they smelled fresh and they were laying down on the floor watching television.

Just then it's six o clock dinnertime so the Stantzes sat at the dining table Elaine served steak, potatoes, biscuits and carrots for dinner.

After dinner and dessert the family watched tv and read until it was time for them to go to bed.

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