Christmas Time
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Author:  SuperStantzio [ December 15th, 2017, 1:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Christmas Time

It was a cold winter day at the Stantz house. Ray and his wife Elaine were putting up the Christmas tree and decorations and the kids CJ and Jules were helping them but giving them a hand with the tree and decorations they did this for awhile until dinnertime. Afterwards, they sat in the dining room with dinner on the table.

"I cannot wait for the holiday to come and we're celebrating it at home and of course I won't forget Cousin Sam she's coming, too!" Ray exclaimed happily as he finished dinner and ate a cookie for dessert.

Elaine nodded her head in agreement. "Yes, I'm glad that Sam is coming here to spend Christmas together with us and I hope Peter doesn't hit on her like the last time." she replied as she set the hot chocolate and cookies down on the table for dessert.

Ray seems to be in deep in thought as he said "I'll talk to Peter about that, but he's still going to flirt with Cousin Sam though. That's the way he is."

Elaine nodded her head as she hung up the mistletoe "Okay Ray, I'll hold you to that." she replied as she pointed to the mistletoe above their heads. Elaine wriggled her finger to ray to get him under it. "And I'm glad that the guys are coming over for Christmas. What about Slimer?" She suddenly looked worried about the decorations and the tree and the mistletoe.

Ray assured her, "Aww, Don't worry, Elaine. He's coming too but we'll make sure he stays out of the cookies and hot chocolate and the Christmas dinner."

Elaine sighed with relief as they stood under the mistletoe "Oh, Ray!"

Ray started blushing and smiled "Elaine." Then their lips touched under the mistletoe and started kissing under there for a little bit. Meanwhile it was way past 12:00 time to go to bed. They would have a good holiday tomorrow.

It was Christmas the next day and CJ and Jules got up early to see the presents they got from their parents.

"Wow, this is so cool and I like my gifts so much," Jules replied as she started opened her gifts while CJ did the same too. Ray, Elaine and Cousin Sam woke up and saw their presents unopened.

Ray saw the kids opening presents and he said "Good Morning and Merry Christmas, CJ and Jules. Did you see all the gifts we got you guys?

Jules and CJ replied "Yes, we saw them and we are happy with our gifts. Thanks, Mom and Dad. And you too, Great-cousin Sam."

Afterwards the presents been opened and the doorbell rang it was Winston, Egon, Peter, Janine and Slimer. Ray opened the door and exclaimed "Merry Christmas, guys!"

The guys greeted Ray in return. Ray showed them where to hang their coats and put their boots at. The guys started talking what gifts they have gotten; Peter suddenly spotted the mistletoe and begged Sam to go under it with him Sam rejected at first but relented later since it was the Holidays. Peter grinned as he took Sam into his arms and kissed her; Ray just shook his head at him.

Ray also spotted the mistletoe and Elaine wriggled her finger under there. Ray blushed and came forward and Elaine gave him the biggest kiss on the lips that caused everyone to say "Aww." Ray and Elaine smiled and blushed again.

CJ and Jules suddenly told Slimer "No Slimer, get out of the food! Bad Ghost! Dad!" Ray saw what the kids talking about and told Slimer to get out of the food or his presents are going back to the store. Slimer looked shocked at the threat and floated away,

Afterwards when Christmas was about to be over, Ray stood replied "This has been a Merry Christmas and all good night Isn't it guys?" The the guys nodded their heads.

Egon had a surprise present for Janine and he invited her under the mistletoe and gave her a kiss on the lips that caused the guys to say "Aww, way to go, Spengs!" Egon blushed

He then took Janine's hand and together they walked outside the door. After wishing the Stantz family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, they got into Ecto-1 and drove away.

The End

Author:  SuperStantzio [ December 21st, 2017, 12:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Christmas Time

What does everyone think of this story?

Author:  Fritz [ December 23rd, 2017, 9:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Christmas Time

I know the feeling, Farah.

As is your way, another "slice of life" filled with a lot of sweetness.

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