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A Ghostbusters 4th of July
by RealGhostbusterFan, Nov 5, 2006, 7:40:52 PM
Literature / Fan Fiction / General Fiction
Title: A Ghostbusters 4th of July
Disclaimer: I don't own the Real Ghostbusters. I only own Carlton and Julianna Stantz.
Author: Shafarah White
Beta: Susie Owens
Rating: G

It was a nice summer day at the firehouse, the guys were taking a break from ghost busting since it was a holiday and business was a little slow.

So they decided to just hang out. As always, Peter was chasing Slimer around the firehouse. The little spud had stolen his plate of food when he haven't been looking.

Egon was shaking his head at his friend fondly, "Peter. You do know that you can always fix yourself another plate?"

Peter said, "Yeah so? That little spud has always been trouble ever since he's been here."

Winston smiled and also shook his head as well, "Come on Peter, cut him some slack. It's a holiday."

Peter replied grudgingly, "Oh okay. But if he had eaten all the cake, I swear I'm going to blast him." Then he headed to the kitchen to fix himself another plate.

Noticing that Ray wasn't here, Winston turned to Egon and asked, "Hey Egon, where's Ray and his family? They were supposed to be here by now."

Egon replied, "Raymond called and said they would be here in a little while. They're at the bus stop picking up his Cousin Samantha, she's coming here to visit for the weekend."

Peter hurried out of the kitchen as he heard Cousin Sam's name being mentioned, "She is?! Maybe I can get a little closer to Sam after she rejected last time." he said in excitement.

He wanted to hit on her again.

Winston looked doubtful, "I don't think so, Pete. I really don't think that she really liked you." he said.

"Winston, Winston. She didn't get the chance to know me last time."

"I know Pete, but she's still going to reject you, man." Winston replied, as he went over to the table to get more food.

Ray and his family arrived, "Hey guys, we're here!" he called as the Stantz family walked into the firehouse. Ray still had his mustache and made it clear to those who didn't like it, that he wasn't planning on shaving it off anytime soon.

"Hey Ray. Glad to see that you can make it." Winston said as he greeted the family and then greeted Sam, "Hey Sam, did you enjoy the bus trip?" he asked, as he gave Samantha a hug.

Sam nodded as she accepted the hug, "It was long, but I'm glad that I came, so I can spend a little more time with my cousin and his family and friends." she replied smiling.

"Hey, Uncle Winston!" CJ and Jules greeted with big grins.

Winston smiled back, "Hey kids, how are you doing?"

"We're good." Jules said. Then she and CJ decided to play their Gameboys on the couch.

Just then, Egon walked into the room, "Hello Raymond, I'm glad that you guys had made it. It's good seeing you again, Samantha. How's the farming coming along?"

Sam replied, "It's doing very well, but I did have to hire some help since after trying to run a farm by myself. It's has gotten a little tough. But otherwise, I'm doing great. No more ghost problems. "

Slimer returned to the room excited as he saw Ray and his family, "Ray, Ray!" he cried, as he flew in the room giving him slimy bear hugs.

Ray hugged him back saying, "Hiya Slimer, It's good seeing you, too."

Then Slimer got Elaine and Sam too. Both women seemed to accepted this as they also greeted him as well before he went to CJ and Jules.

Then everyone started talking as Peter came down the stairs saying, "Hey Ray. How are you guys doing?" Then noticing Samantha, he immediately went over to her, taking her hand and kissed it, "Hey Sam, I hope that we get a little closer this time." he said, in a flirty voice.

Sam looked at him in disgust and turned to Ray, "Ray, I see Peter still hadn't changed the last time I saw him."

Ray blushed slightly and shrugged, "Well, that's the way he is." Ray suddenly changed the subject. "Boy, I'm hungry. I hope there's food left or did Slimer finished it all?" He asked.

"No, there's alot of food left." Winston said, as he came back from the kitchen from getting himself another plate. "You guys can grab yourselves a plate and sit down at the table."

Ray turned to his kids, "Hey CJ, Jules it's time to eat, put away your Gameboys."

CJ said, "Okay, Dad." As he and Jules followed their parents to the kitchen to fix themselves a plate. While they were eating, Peter was still trying to get Sam to like him. But she was rejecting every move that he was making towards her. Slimer in the mean time, was begging for scraps. Ray felt sorry for him and decided to throw him some.

Peter finally gave up for the moment turned to Egon. "Hey big guy, where's Janine?"

Egon replied, "She's over at her parents' for a gathering but she said, she'll meet us at Central Park when they have the fireworks show."

"So what time does the fireworks start?" Elaine asked, she was getting a piece of pound cake.

Ray looked at his watch, "It starts at 9:30 and ends at 10:30. I can't wait for the fireworks!" he replied, he had a big grin that lit up his whole face.

"Wow, I can't wait either! I hope that I'll see Charlie there!" Jules said smiling.

"Charlie?" Sam asked, while raising an eyebrow at Jules.

"He's only my friend." Jules replied, blushing a little, while everyone was giving her those "uh-huh" grins.

Winston said to Ray, "See, what did I tell you? I think Jules really likes him."

Ray nodded, "I know. But she's definitely not going to have a boyfriend anytime soon. Jules is a little young and I don't want her growing up quickly."

"Daddy, you're embarrassing me."

"I know Sweetheart, I was only teasing you. But I don't want you growing up too fast. Not until you're sixteen." Ray said smiling at his daughter.

"Your Dad's right, honey. You're just too young. You should wait until you're older." Elaine replied, also agreeing with her husband.

Jules replied, "Oh alright, then. But you know that some boys and girls date at 13."

Ray looked over her, "Not my daughter."


"Sixteen. You will not go on a date until you're sixteen. End of discussion."

"Yes sir. I can't wait until I'm 16."

Then everyone continued to eat and talk among themselves.

After dinner, everyone decided to sit around a bit until it was time to go to Central Park.

Soon it was time to go, the guys and Ray's family all walked towards Central Park. They saw it was crowded, then they saw Janine coming towards them. Ray introduced Sam to Janine. The two women started talking, Peter was still trying to make his move on Sam. She just ignored him, Sam and Janine were becoming fast friends.

Jules saw Charlie there and he asked Ray if he could sit next to her when the fireworks started. Ray gave him his permission.

CJ spotted his friends, Ronnie and Jason at the park. He asked his parents if he could join them and they said it was alright. So CJ went to join them. They talked among themselves as they sat in a different spot to watch the fireworks.

Then a few minutes later, the fireworks started. Everyone was watching and they were enjoying themselves.

Ray turned to his wife, "Isn't this great, sweetie?" he asked smiling at her.

Elaine smiled back, "Yes it is, we never had anything like this down in Morrisville." She was holding Ray's hand in her own.

Peter once again was trying to get Sam to kiss him, "Come on Sam, just one kiss? It's the 4th." he pleaded.

Sam kept resisting until she relented, "Okay Peter, only one."

Peter grinned as he took Sam in his arms and kissed her. Ray was watching Jules and Charlie for a minute who was also enjoying themselves just watching the fireworks. They were also holding each other's hand. Then he turned to Peter and Sam as he saw Peter kissing his cousin. Ray just shook his head.

Elaine stood up to stretch her legs. He also stood up and took her in his arms.

Elaine was a little confused, "What are you doing, Ray?"

But Ray shushed her and planted a nice kiss on her lips. They did this for a while during the fireworks. Then after a while, the fireworks were over. Everyone stood up to leave the park, they talked about how awesome the show was. Then after that, Egon, Winston, and Peter went back to the firehouse while Ray and his family went home. It has been a wonderful 4th of July and they will do this again next year.

When they got home, Ray noticed that Jules was kind of quiet and not saying a word. "Jules sweetheart, are you still upset with me about what happened earlier?"

Jules nodded. Ray pulled her close to his side and held her hand saying, "I understand how you feel, and I'm sorry that I was being a little unfair about it. I want you to understand that I love and care for you very much and it's not time for you to be dating just yet. So don't rush it, Sweet Pea. I love you, Princess."

As he hugged and kissed her, Jules smiled, "I love you too, Daddy." Elaine also looked over at her daughter, "Are you okay now, honey? You know that your Dad and I love you very much and we don't want you to get hurt or heartbroken, so that's why we want you to wait until you're sixteen to date."

Jules smiled again, "Yes I am and I love you, Mom." she said, also giving Elaine a hug.

Elaine smiled and hugged her daughter back, "I'm glad that you're okay and I love you too, Sweetie."

After that, the family entered the home and Fluffy greeted them.

The End

Tell me what do you think of this story?

I'll get you next time, Gadget! Next Time!- Dr. Claw, Inspector Gadget ending credits

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