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Post subject:  Cuddletime

Title: Cuddle Time
Author: Shafarah White
Rated: NC-17
Summary: Ray and Elaine have a lot of cuddling.
Warning: Read at your own risk. A lot of kissing and sex. More use of whipped cream.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Real Ghostbusters or Elaine Furman. I only own my characters, Juilanna Raelynn and Carlton James Stantz.

Thanks to Susie Owens my beta

No flames or negative comments allowed please. Enjoy!

Copyright: 2006

It has been a cold and raining weekend. The guys were now taking a break after a long morning. And part of the afternoon was filled with calls. They were hoping that there would be no more calls so they could have a day off to do other things that they wanted to do. It was now late afternoon, and the guys were eating a snack. Ray was telling the guys on what the family has been doing. "The kids had been sick with the flu most of last weekend and into Monday as well. By Wednesday, CJ and Jules were well enough to return to school. They are doing okay now. Elaine took a few days off from work to take care of them. The flu bug has been going around a lot; Elaine and I were lucky that we didn't catch it. Then the other night when I was on my way home, I went to the pet store and brought another cat since Elaine is allergic to dogs. Fluffy was getting a bit lonely, she needed a playmate so I took home a black and white kitten. The pet store's owner said most people call it a border collie cat, because it has the same markings like a border collie. She was so cute and CJ named her Pussy Willow." he said while smiling, "We called her PW for short."

"Wow, that sounds neat. How did Fluffy react to having another cat in the house?" Peter asked, as he was trying to keep Slimer from eating all of his chips.

Ray replied, "Well, she was a little jealous at first. But we put PW in another room so Fluffy could smell her and get to know her and by the next day; Fluffy accepted her. We knew that Fluffy accepted PW because she was giving her a bath just like a mother does a kitten."

The guys continued talking as Janine had entered the room, "Hey guys, the rest of the day is clear. I think it's safe to say that you guys are free since there haven't been anymore calls."

Winston breathed a sigh of relief, "Alright. Thanks, Janine. I have a date tonight, I'm taking Jenny out to dinner as soon she gets off work. What about you guys?" He asked.

"Well, I'm going to work on my mushroom project that I had been doing for the last couple of days. It is coming out nicely." Egon replied.

Peter rolled his eyes, "Come on, Spengs. Don't you have a life besides doing science projects? Seriously, I really think that you need to get your head out of those experiments and do something fun like asking Janine out on a date. I'm also taking Babs out as well and she's going to love this place called Michaels, it's a restaurant and bar combined."

"I'm aware of that, Peter, but sometimes my projects have to come first." Egon said.

Peter shook his head, "Okay, suit yourself."

Ray was driving home, it had been a good but long day and he was a little tired. He could not wait to get inside his house so he and Elaine could have some cuddle time since CJ and Jules are going to be spending the night with friends.

Elaine was at home waiting for her love to arrive as she finished preparing dinner. Once dinner was in the oven, she poured some wine into their glasses. Then she went in their bedroom to change into a nice pink dress. Now all she had to do was wait for Ray to come.

Soon she heard Ray pulling in the driveway. He went inside and sat down to rest on the couch for a few minutes. Then Elaine had came up to him wearing her sexy dress that caused Ray's heart to skip a beat.

"Woah baby, you look wonderful!" he exclaimed happily, as a love struck grin appeared on his face.

Elaine grinned as she came up to Ray and gave him a kiss.

"Thanks. How was your day, Tiger?" she asked, as she ran her hands through his hair. "I have dinner ready and we're having chicken and mushroom casserole."

"My day was good but a little bit tiring, Sugar. I'm just glad that this day is over and I can be with you and we can cuddle." Ray smiled romantically, as he took her into his arms and started kissing her softly. Elaine playfully giggled.

Elaine replied, "Come on. Dinner is ready and I'm sure that you're hungry." She took his hand and together they went to the table. Ray held the chair for her as she sat down and he sat across from her.

After dinner was completed, Ray and Elaine looked over at each other. Ray got up and walked around to Elaine and kissed her. Then taking her hand, he helped her up from her chair.

"Why don't we get into bed? It's showtime!" he whispered into her ear.

Elaine started laughing, "Oh, Raymond!" as Ray swept her into his arms, he started to carry her upstairs.

Soon as they entered their bedroom, he placed Elaine down on the bed. Elaine giggled as she got off. Ray stared at her, wondering what is she doing. She walked over to him and placed her finger on his mustache and whispered, "I'll be right out. I have something that will really turn you on, wait here." she went into the bathroom to change. Ray smiled and touched his lip.

Ten minutes later, Elaine came out of the bathroom; she was wearing a pink see-through negligee that had showed a lot of her body.

Ray's mouth dropped open, "Oh wow, Elaine! You look beautiful! What did I do to be so lucky?" he laughed and blushed at the same time.

Elaine purred seductively, "Come and get me."

Ray came towards Elaine, smiling at her. He took her hand as they headed back to bed. They now were looking at each other lovingly while they started to take off each others' clothes. Soon as their clothes has been removed, Ray began nuzzling the nape of Elaine's neck that made her laugh.

"Ooh yes, that feels so good. More please." Elaine pleaded.

Ray's smile now brighten up his whole face as he continued to move slowly down her body kissing every soft spot that he could find. Then he stopped at her breasts and he gently took her hard, pink nipple into his mouth and rolled it with his tongue with Elaine squealing in pleasure.

"Oh, Ray!" She moaned, "Please don't stop!"

Ray looked into Elaine's eyes as she was begging for more. He loved her so much that he couldn't refuse her. So he slowly started on her other nipple, taking his time so he could enjoy the flavor of her. Elaine felt like she was going to explode. How could anyone have such a magic touch? She wanted him inside her and she wanted him now.

"Ray, I want to feel you inside me!" a sexually charged Elaine yelled, as Ray gently pushed her legs open and placed his penis inside her vagina and started to work his magic. Elaine began moaning in happiness, "That's right, I want you! Do me! Arggh yes, that feels good!" as Ray started thrusting deeply inside her, giving her an orgasm. They had done this for a while until they felt a little tired. Ray gently placed his hands on her soft breasts, squeezing and caressing them tenderly while Elaine moaned again as he did it. Ray cupped her breast; holding it for a minute and then kissing it. Afterwards, he did the same thing to her other breast. He continued to slowly move down her body stroking her soft creamy skin.

Elaine rolled over so she could climb on top of Ray. She whispered, "It's your turn now, Ray." She started licking him under his chin that made Ray moan. Afterwards, she tickled him softly that caused him to laugh. Ray really enjoyed being tickled. Next Elaine slowly made her way down his body planting soft kisses. Then she stopped at his penis and took it into her mouth and began to suck; tasting his cum as it flowed out like a fountain of sweet nector. She looked up and saw Ray's face, it had a big goofy smile on it and she knew he was going into the land of bliss. See Elaine could tell by his face that he was enjoying it. And she knew by that look, that he wanted and craved more.

Elaine continued to pleasure Ray for a while, then she climbed on top of Ray and laid on his stomach.

She cupped his face in her hands, french-kissing him passionately. Elaine then sucked on his lips that made Ray moan again in pleasure.

She ran her hands in his hair again while murmuring happily, "I love you so much, Ray. You are so handsome." She continued kissing Ray.

Ray smiled, "I love you too, Elaine. You're a beautiful woman and your lips are very soft."

Elaine got off of Ray and climbed out of the bed.

Ray stared at her, "What are you doing?"

Elaine pressed her finger to his lips, "I'll be right back, I'm going to get the whipped cream out of the refrigerator."

Ray grinned as she went out of the bed room for a moment. A few minutes later, Elaine returned. She then stretched out on the bed shaking the can in her hand. She was grinning as she sprayed it all over her chest. "Ray, it's time for your special treat."

Ray had a pleasure smile on his face, as he slowly moved his tongue towards her tits savoring every tiny morsel.

When the whipped cream had been licked off of Elaine's chest; she reached up and nibbled on Ray's neck. Then she let her mouth linger on his skin and started to suck until a small-sized red mark appeared. Ray then reached down and placed his hand on her crotch and started to caress it as Elaine continued to squeal. Afterwards, Ray planted soft kisses on Elaine's right earlobe while working his way down to her neck as he began sucking on her skin gently.

Soon they both were exhausted; laying on the bed. Elaine's head was resting on Ray's chest.

"That was fantastic, I enjoyed it." Elaine breathed while smiling.

Ray looked down at his wife, as she looked up at him. He smiled back at her and replied, "Yes it was, it was very enjoyable."

It was around 2:00 am, it was time to go to sleep for the night.

"Good Night, Ray. I love you, see you in the morning." Elaine said, as she lifted her head from his chest and gave her husband a good night kiss.

Ray held her and replied, "I love you too, Elaine. Good Night."

They both had their arms around each other as Ray pulled her again to his chest. It has been a wonderful night.

The End

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