EGB Spin-Off: The Riveras
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Author:  EGBFan [ July 3rd, 2019, 9:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: EGB Spin-Off: The Riveras

Thank you as always for the comments.

Fritz wrote:
Interesting reveal that Emilia provided Oscar and Kevin's egg. As Oscar's half-sister, that does mean that Oscar's child will have some biological relation to him. Jessica's a lot closer, but that may have been the problem.

Besides all the other interesting aspects of this, it's one of those things in the spot-the-difference game that one can play with this stuff: I can't see GBOT Emilia doing anything like this. She's more of a villain, really, and a bit of a homophobic one at that!

Jamie's new love interest is trans. Handled well as far as I can see.

I hope so! I've worried about it a little bit since reading a book review or two in which people (younger and more enlightened than I am) complain (if that's the right word! :?) about the representation of LGBTQ+ characters, but I don't suppose any of them are going to read this! Personally, I think it's okay to present this information as a revelation to Carl, as it's important to his characterisation. A canny reader might have already worked it out from Part 1 anyway, and the particularly eagle-eyed might even see it in Isabel's Character Index picture, wherein her biological gender can be discerned...

Carl's reaction to Isabella...well, twenty years earlier it would have been a lot worse. He's trying, but I don't think that instinctive first "ungh" reaction to things not being exactly like he thinks they "should" be will ever go away. It's not optimum, but it's in character. Delightfully ironic that he's the old stick in the mud in the middle of a very sexually diverse family, all told.

Another thing that worried me (I do seem to worry these days!) was whether I was giving Carl what Jake calls a 'reset button' (hello, Dana Scully!), but I think that one was in fact completely unfounded. This whole story really shows how Carl has changed and what he's had to overcome, some of which - as you say, Fritz - is inevitably still there.

Rose and the girlie mags: what this is hinting at is not a surprise based on the GBOT version of the character, who marries a woman in 2027.

Yep, no difference in terms of what Rose is into (nor Conchita, come to that), but she is discovering things differently and sooner than she did in GBOT. Truth to tell, I probably wouldn't have bothered referencing this if I'd known I was going to have more ideas to write up (ooh, mysterious hints... ;)), but it fits in quite well thematically with this story so I guess it's okay.

The mention of someone named "John" got my attention, of course, but unless it ends up being important to the story, no need to go into more.

Jake already said it: the story will neither confirm nor deny exactly who John is (it's a suitably common name, after all :P). Personally, I like to think this does refer to John Spengler, but I also want to leave it ambiguous for readers who are thoroughbred EGB fans and not familiar with the GBOT (at least one or two do exist - I've had messages to prove it... honest!).

This story will be concluded on my birthday, July 19th, and very fascinating it will be too. :)

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