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Act Two, Part One

2005--Timeline Year Twenty Three
The Ghostbusters West Coast are back and all brand new. After the trials of the last year, a smaller but more determined team comes together as a monster is stealing eyeballs all over LA.

Act Two, Part Two

The mysterious ninja takes on Calcent the Eye Collector, but even he can't stop the bloodthirsty fiend. How are the Ghostbusters going to stop this opponent when the standard procedure is useless? Plus, another new face appears in GBCentral West, one that gets a reaction out of Otter
In Real Life, by late 2004 almost half of the founding members of the GBWC (Peter Kong, Leon Hogan, Robert Griffiths, and Mike Chad) had sort of drifted away from the Ghostbusters community. And Ludicris (Joey Williams) decided to step down as CEO of the team, asking me to take over.

In conjunction with the rest of the still-active team, we set out to plot out more of the team's fate after the events of "Chronicles of Gozer". We decided that it was time to prune the team and revamp it, to better reflect reality. The "absent" members were reclassified as Reservists, so that if they decided to show up again, they could easily be written in.

I'd suffered some setbacks in Real Life that I decided to reflect in my character, meaning he'd serve more as a mentor role (like Egon in EGB). And I'd had ideas for how to have that happen to the fictional version of Fritz, which eventually became the story "Where In The World Is Chelsea Aberdeen?"

Andy's idea was to have some of the team serve with GBTN for a while.

Jeff was being trained as a ninja by Sub Zero.

Instead of explaining all the changes off the bat, and wait for all the stories to be told, we employed the skip method: we skipped ahead to January 2005, with all of the changes already in place (or falling into place). A smaller team. Fritz in a wheel chair, and as the new boss. Rose Prevost as co-Client Administrator. A smaller team with new uniforms (the basic design was by Vincent Belmont for use by GBTN and of course Arcane Division; I came up with the color scheme and the rest of the team approved it). We left explaining the changes for later (and, er, we still haven't done all of those stories...)


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