Ghostbusters West Coast: Curtain Call
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Author:  Fritz [ September 14th, 2007, 1:07 pm ]
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Curtain Call, Part One

April 2004--Timeline Year 22

The Ravisher strikes again, and two Ghostbusters are helpless to stop him. Then a rainy evening gets a pyramid appears in Central LA.

Curtain Call, Part Two

The West Coast Ghostbusters and Venkman enter the pyramid, and are forced to divide into three smaller teams to battle the Ravisher and the Geistimanns.

Curtain Call, Part Three

The final showdown with the Ravisher and his master, Lord Atrocity. LaLlarona's prophesy is coming true...the brutal plan of the God of Death moves forward...and stopping it may require one man to make the ultimate sacrifice...

This story was considered the GBWC's "First season closer", wrapping up the plot lines that began with "Opening Night", making a major change to the status quo (and it wouldn't be the last), and setting up a new mystery in the form of the terror dog that stalks Jeremy in this story--part of the build-up to "Chronicles of Gozer" (though, as it turned out, CoG Book 1 ended up being released first, but still ties the stories together)

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