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 Post subject: Enter the Whisper Devil
PostPosted: September 19th, 2012, 11:07 pm 
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This is new story that I have been working on for a few weeks. I am being modest about it, this isn't my best work. But here it is anyways...

Ghostbusters West Coast: Enter the Whisper Devil
The day was an easy going day as the people were outside on a nice sunny day. The laughter of children could be heard throughout the park as they ran around the park in order to enjoy their day. This peaceful moment was briefly ruined when the floating clouds started to become dark and desolate. Several quick flashes of lightening appeared throughout the sky as a shadowy figure appeared before them, letting out an unearthly shriek and causing the people to flee from the park.
The demon looked around the surroundings of the area with it smiling wickedly "This shall be a perfect place to build an army of minions for Lord Baalzebul!", with its dark voice whispering, before disappearing with evil intentions.

Back at the headquarters of Ghostbusters: West Coast Division.
Dr. Fritz Baugh was inside his office going over some updated paperwork until the phone had ranged. Since Chelsea wasn't there to answer the call so it is was to him to answer the phone call. He picked up the phone."Ghostbusters: West Coast, how may we help you?" he asked. He soon wrote down the information down and then sounded the alarm, alerting the others. The ones that did show up were Dr. Jeff Nash, Jason Knetge, and Jeremy Hicks. Dr. Kyle Stevens was there, but he was inside his personal room…for personal reasons.
Fritz turned to face the three that were there."I just got a called from a local resident from the Sunnydale Park. The residents claimed to see the clouds began to turn dark and then they claimed to see a shadowy figure appear during the flashes of lightening rippling through the air, emulating a very loud shriek. I would you three to go over there and get some readings."

Before they started to depart, they were reminded to go get Kyle. He needed to get back into the fold again. Once they had done that, they were ready to go to the Sunnydale Park to investigate the incident. They all settled into the Ecto-WC. The vehicle’s engine roared to life as it back out of the driveway. Jeremy was behind the wheel while Jeff sat shotgun next to him with his pke meter put. His eyes were tracing the readings of the meter until the signal had spiked. "Over there.", Jeff pointed out as the readings from the meter started to increase as the Ecto-WC came to a stop. The men had stepped out and grabbed their gear from the back. Jeff went ahead with his pke meter still out as he motioned his arm in an up and down formation.

He thought for a moment as he stated, "Whatever was here, it did leave a faint trace." He stepped forward again, taking more readings until the needle started to spike," And it is also demonic," he adds, seeing the others starting to move towards him. They all had their blasters ready just in case the demon decided to show up. Since it had no choice but attack, it decided to manifest itself behind them, letting out its bellowing shout spell against them. All, with the exception of Jeff was affected by the effects of demon’s spell. The other three screamed as they were stunned from the full effects. The demon bellowed with laughter as it looked towards Jeff, seeing that he wasn't affected by its shout spell. Its voice spoke in a whispered tone."This world is no longer yours...soon it will be under the rule of Lord Baalzebul." and then disappears from the area.

"F***!” Jeff mutters as he switched on his walkie, "Fritz, we do have a bad situation. Three of us are down and the demon had escaped." Turning to face the others, he could see that the spell’s effects were wearing off. They were no longer stunned as they were starting to pick themselves up again. Jeff still had his pke meter out, scanning the meter around them. "Everyone okay?” he asked them. "What?" they all say, in unison. Jeff just shook his head, in annoyance.

The whisper devil made the old Jansen Muffler Shop its hideout from the time being. It looked into a mirror as its wicked voice whispered,” Lord Baalzebul, I have done your bidding, but I do request some assistance from your dark army." Within a few moments, Lord Baalzebul appeared upon the mirror, "You have done well, my minion, as for the help you wish to receive, I shall grant it only when you defeat the Ghostbusters: West Coast." The whisper devil just smiled evilly, placing his hand under its chin. The whisper demon started to chant and it used its own power to summon another one like itself. The whisper devil whispered something to his counterpart.

Jeff and the rest of them loaded their gear into the Ecto-WC and drove back to headquarters. While driving, Jeremy and Jason were the first ones to regain their hearing. "Damn that thing was loud.” Jason retorted, “How about you, Jeremy?" he asked. Jeremy just shook his head for a moment, "I'll live...what was that thing?" he says, looking back at Jeff. Pausing for a moment, Jeff took a deep breath."I believe the thing that we just faced off against was called a whisper devil.", he explained, “On the other hand, it did say something about this world was no longer ours and soon it would belong to Lord Baalzebul, ruler of Maladomini, the Seventh Plane of Hell.”

Jason gulped, after hearing what Jeff just now revealed to them.”Sounds like one of those bad to worse situations.” Kyle, on the other hand, still couldn’t hear anything that was being said, “What’s going on?” he asked as the others turned to face him, sitting in silence since he was still under the spell. “You may want to have Fritz run some tests on you, Kyle.” Jason stated as the Ecto-WC pulled into their headquarters. Everyone stepped out of the vehicle and walking upstairs so they can get one of their teammates checked out.

After hooking Kyle up to their medical machine, Fritz was checking the readings of the machine to determine how long to spell will last. Jeff, on the other hand, went inside his personal studies to look at his occult books to see if he could find more information about the whisper devil’s abilities. He flipped through a few pages until he found the right page. His eyes darted across the page, finding the information that he needed. He headed out of his studies to go tell the others on what he just researched.

He explained to them.”Whisper devils are usually harbingers of infernal armies and usually do not enter combat unless commanded to. They tend to enjoy riddles and battles of wit more than anything else. When they do fight, they tend to distract their foes and then using their shout spell on them. They can also teleport at a great distance at will and they also have to power to summon others likes themselves.”

Jeremy piped in,” Pretty much guessed that we will have to search the city of this whisper devil’s whereabouts.” Jeff and Fritz nodded in agreement since Jeff’s pke meter its signature readings on it they could easily tract it there. They gathered around the table to discuss a plan of action to find a way to defeat the whisper devil as a team. Jeremy will do the driving while Kyle will hold the pke meter to track its movements so it would be up to Jeff and Jason to zap and capture the creature. After they all came to an agreement, they loaded into the Ecto-WC. Jeremy started the engine as the vehicle’s engine roared to life as he swiftly backed out of the driveway and into the street, driving down the road in search of the whisper devil. The first hunch was to check out of the abandoned or closed down buildings and/or businesses around the city.

The whisper devil that was summoned by its own counterpart was sent to be used as a decoy to distract the Ghostbusters while its own kind was planning on doing a ritual to open a portal into Hell to call forth the infernal armies of Lord Baalzebul to wage war against the mortals on this plane of existence. It had spotted the Ecto-WC driving back at a fast pace down the road. “Time for a little fun,” it says very evilly as it decided to follow them in pursuit

A few minutes later the pke meter that Kyle was holding was starting to come to life as the wings sprung upward. He motioned to the others about what was going on. Jeremy’s eyes glanced at the rearview mirror, seeing creature coming directly towards them. His voice alerted them.”It’s coming fast!” Jeff and Jason nodded as they swiftly opened the backdoor of the Ecto-WC, switching their proton blasters on. The whisper devil just snarled at them as it unsheathed its scimitar, ready to engage the Ghostbusters. “Now,” Jeff barked as he and Jason fired their proton streams at it.

The whisper devil deftly dodged their shots they fired at it. It snarled at them aggressively as it teleported itself in front of Ecto-WC. Jeremy, behind the wheel, saw the creature doing a full charge towards them. He could see that it had its scimitar out in hand. He could only do the only thing swerving the vehicle into a side street and bring it to a stop. This evasive action caught the whisper devil off guard, making it easier for Jeff and Jason to capture it. Jeff and Jason wasted no time firing their blasters at the creature as it was engulfed into the streams as it was confined and couldn’t move. Jeremy motioned for the trap as he hurriedly slid the trap underneath it and stomped on the foot peddle. The whisper devil was swiftly sucked into the trap.

Kyle stepped out of the Ecto-WC, going over to where the others were at. He saw them standing over the trap, being pleased with what the just accomplished. He approached Jeff, giving him the pke meter for to observe. Jason looked over to Kyle’s direction. ”You feeling fine?” he asked him, only seeing Kyle look at him blankly as if he didn’t hear the question. Jeff looked down at the pke meter, observing it closely and then scanning Kyle again. He checked the readings and saw that the recordings were similar; however one they just contained was slightly weaker. “This isn’t the one that we were originally looking for.” Jeff addressed them, showing them the readings.” As I said before they do have the ability to summon others like themselves given the right source of power. We have scanned the area as we drove through the city, but there is one place I believe we haven’t check yet and my gut is telling me where it could be.” he adds, with a sharp smirk on his face. Once again they got back into the Ecto-WC and headed to where Jeff believes where the first whisper devil may be.

The first whisper demon had completed to first two steps of the dark ritual to open the gates of Hell. His last ritual was to recite all mystical incantations of complete to ritual. Just at the nick of time, the Ecto-WC pulled outside the old Jansen Muffler Shop. The group grabbed all of their gear and made a move towards the front door. Jason kicked the door in as they all piled inside the building, seeing the first whisper devil in the midst of performing its dark ritual, as they saw this dark reddish glow as the form of a gateway started to open up, seeing the dark forces of Lord Baalzebul’s infernal army waiting on the other side. Jeff turned to the others, stating, “I’ll face off against whisper demon while the rest of you can use your confinement streams to keep the gateway at bay.” Others agreed as Jeff pulled out his neutrona saber out, pressing the switch to turn it on, heading towards the whisper devil.

Jeremy, Jason, and Kyle approached the gateway as they aimed for each sections of the gateway to open fire with their confinement streams to keep it contained. Jeff swiftly moved towards the whisper devil as he attempted to swipe at it, knocking it down. The creature looked as his spell was interrupted as the gateway was starting to close.”No!’ its voice snarled, looking over at Jeff.”This can’t be! This was our time! It was time for us to rule over the living lands! You must die mortal!” he adds, rising up before Jeff with its scimitar out, ready for combat. It charged at Jeff taking a swipe at him, just missing narrowly. The second attempted as blocked by Jeff’s neutrona saber.
The whisper devil grew very angry with Jeff, so he used its strength to pull its scimitar free from his grasp, swinging it under Jeff’s legs and knocking him down on his back. The whisper devil looked down at him.”As you can see, mortal, your luck has finally run out. Now it is time to die!” it says to him, raising its scimitar above its head, ready to deliver its death blow to Jeff. Thinking fast, Jeff could only think of the best solution, he teleported behind the whisper devil just when it made a clean swipe at the ground. “You aren’t the only one with some tricks up his sleeves.” Jeff quipped, as he drove his neutrona saber into the creature, driving it through the creature frame, causing it to shriek from the pain as it was stunned.
The gateway was now closed completely as the others turned to face the whisper demon now stunned from Jeff’s attack. They blasted it with their confinement streams now it was weakened. It was engulfed inside the streams as Jeff released to trap and they watched the whisper devil getting sucked into the trap. Its spell effect had finally worn off on Kyle as he shook his head for moment, almost disorientated from it all. “Are you feeling alright, Kyle?” Jason asked him. He could finally hear what was being said to him. “Yes, Jason. I will be fine.” He replied,” I’m going have to get used to all of this again.” They all gathered their gear together and then headed back to the Ecto-WC to drive back to headquarters.

The End.

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