Fritz Digs Out His Old Kenner Stuff
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Author:  Fritz [ May 4th, 2020, 7:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Fritz Digs Out His Old Kenner Stuff

So Hasbro is re-popping the Kenner Series 1 Real Ghostbusters figures. While I haven't seen them yet at the local Wal-Marts as of this writing, it did inspire me to go into my closet and dig up...


Ogre and my original figures from 1986! As Ogre and I were a little older than most of the kids playing with them, they're in pretty good shape other than the self-applied paint apps and the fact we snipped off the proton beams.

Slimer was part of a two-part squirter set with a little rubbery ECTO-1. The whole reason I bought it back in the day is because he fit the scale of the figures a lot better than the massive Kenner Slimer/"Green Ghost"s did.

A few others too:


This is a repaint of a Power Pack Janine I did a few years later. I snuck an Egon figure with me to a Micheals store to try and colormatch the flight suits and straps as close as possible; I of course went for the flight suit seen in issue 22 of Now's RGB series, and not any of the vomitous pink ones from the show (Fright Feature Janine kind of took care of that anyway)

Egon's still got his first printing proton pack; Janine's came from a later Series 1 issue, as you can see by the cord attachments.


Just for fun I gave Egon a DST PKE Meter. It's about the same size as the one that came with Screaming Heroes Egon, and is a lot more accurate looking to boot.

Here she is with the whole team:


I also, back in the day, purchased an extra set of the core four Power Pack Heroes because I wanted to try this:


Gozer battle Ghostbusters! And a Screaming Heroes Janine that I lopped the "Kath Soucie" head off of and glued on a "Laura Summer" one from another Power Pack Janine. (I realize I bought at least four of those: the one I turned into RGB#22 Janine, the one I decapitated and made that Screaming Heroes Janine out of, one I "fixed" the paint apps on her glasses and eyes, and one I left completely stock).


Ray also journeyed with me for paint matching, as you can see comparing my Series 1 Ray with the painted Power Pack Ray. It also shows off the fact that, well, the years have not been friendly to the paint apps--I actually lost the repaints for several years, and they got knocked around during that time.

I may have to dig up more soon.

Author:  Fritz [ May 17th, 2020, 11:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fritz Digs Out His Old Kenner Stuff

It probably doesn't surprise anyone familiar with my fan fic work that Power Pack Janine is the figure that I bought the single most copies of; four.

From left to right:

-Completely unaltered "stock" copy

-Some paint apps to her glasses, eyes, and earrings, to bring them closer to the cartoon colors (I went with the yellow earrings that she wore with her blue outfit, which I liked better, rather than the blue earrings from the yellow and orange one that basically became her standard beginning in 1987 on ABC.)

-Repainted to resemble the Ghostbuster flight suit she wore in Now's RGB#22; basically the same color as Egon's, but with orange collar and cuffs instead of pink.

-The head I took off of a Power Pack Janine (I seem to have lost the body over the interving three decades) and glued to the body of a Screaming Heroes Janine. (I also seem to have lost the original Screaming Heroes head, but since it resembled the 1987-1988 ABC version, no great loss in my estiimation)

Secondmost, and again probably not a surprise, Series 1 Egon.


A difference here is that the other two Egons seen here were repainted to serve as different characters. The first Egon, the one I got for Christmas in 1986, is in the middle (obviously, he's been modified to have his collar and cuffs painted)

On the left is, well, I'll call him the prototype of Edison Spengler, Egon's Dad. He ended up being alive in our old universe, something I have no intention of ever reprising in the Ectozone/GBOT/8932 timeline. But it was interesting for Ogre and me back in the day.

And on the right is the prototype of Johnathan Christopher Spengler Egon's son. His character design was obviously less imaginative than the evolved version, just a clone of Egon with a pallet swap of his mother's hair and glasses colors (I guess episodes like "If I Were A Witch Man" and "Egon's Dragon" could be used to justify that, of course, but I like the more individualized design I ended up with better.)

And yeah, I did have a second Screaming Heroes Janine that I repainted to be the prototype of John's sister, Eden, but that one seems to have gone missing over the years too.

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